VoIP Supply takes a lot of pride in its prime customer service staff.  We’d like for you to get to know them better, because they are always happy to meet and take on new customers.

Our customer service department has many functions within VoIP Supply.  The most important is providing care to customers that email or call in with questions regarding their order, invoicing, tracking, account status, product returns, etc…

The customer service department also provides support to all other departments within the company, providing requested assistance, assisting sales associates so that they can spend more time selling, contacting customers for accounting, purchasing, or shipping to gather additional information so that VoIP Supply can be the best!

And now introducing, the Customer Service Department!

William Herrmann – Customer Service Manager

Bill is responsible for the overall management of the department.  He is required to direct the staff and provide the necessary roadmap for the department.  Bill is also responsible to drive continuous improvement with the department and the company as a whole.  Bill works with all staff and management to push customer identified opportunities for quick improvement.

Erin Moran – Customer Service Team Lead

Erin is known as the jack of all trades within VoIP Supply.  Erin acts as an assistant to the Customer Service Manager, often providing training and leadership to the staff.  She can be counted on to perform any task within the department and many within the company.  Erin also serves as a backup receptionist for the company.

Linda Boney and Dawn Martin- Customer Service Representatives

Linda and Dawn are responsible for handling inbound customer service calls, replying to incoming customer service emails, providing proactive customer service information, and handling various customer service queues.  They also supports our sales staff and any other associates with any pressing issues.

Jeffrey Hanover – Customer Service Representative (RMA Specialist)

Jeff is responsible to handle all incoming RMA requests, providing customers with all required communications pertaining to returns, declining any RMA’s that do not fit within our returns program, processing all returns that do, and providing customers technical support options when applicable.  Jeff is tasked with reducing the percentage of returns that VoIP Supply processes.  Jeff also assists the other customer service representatives by helping with inbound customer service calls.

Mary Beth Hyzy – Customer Service Representative

Mary Beth is responsible for an outbound call customer service campaign.  In this role she calls customers and informs them that their order has been shipped, informs them about the email they received with a PDF of the invoice, provides them with tracking information and thanks them for shopping with VoIP Supply.

Christopher Heinrich – Sales Engineer

As Sales Engineer; Chris provides pre & post sales support to our customers and our sales staff.  Chris is responsible for the technical product trainings that are continuously created and modified to improve the selling skills and knowledge within the sales department.

Kyle Brocious – Technical Support Representative

Kyle is responsible for providing pre & post sales support to our customers, provisioning orders, and testing returns and new products. Kyle also is involved in processing online orders and is currently training new sales staff to take over this project.

Kevin McCarthy – Technical Support Representative

Kevin is responsible for providing pre & post sales support to our customers, provisioning orders, and testing returns and new products.

Griffin Green – Customer Service Intern

Griffin is a temporary associate that is used as a utility employee.  He can be counted on to assist wherever needed.

And if you need help with any of your VoIP Supply orders, have installation questions, or just want to say hi, please contact us at 1-800-398-8647 or at customerservice@voipsupply.com.



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    The information I need is not specified in the Detailed Description of the product. What is the email support for sales?.

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