Got resiliency?Digium R-Series

The newly released Digium R-Series redundancy appliances enable your network to recover from hardware or software failures and maintain communication with the outside world.  

Digium failover appliances work with their open source telephony platform Asterisk to ensure that you have an open line of communication even in demanding enviroments.

There are two models in the R-Series.  They work on Asterisk based open sourced PBX’s but do not work on Switchvox.  Both models are 1U rack mount devices:

  • Digium R800:  Supports up to eight analog (POTS) circuits.
  • Digium R850:  Handles up to eight digital (T1, E1, PRI or BRI) spans.

What’s The Difference?

So even in the event of a catastrophic failure, your communications system will stay up and running with the Digium R-Series.  That sounds great …

Utilizing new phone technology can be great for both business and personal use. People who embrace VoIP and SIP technology see new capabilities, new conveniences, and a lot of money saved.

New enhanced options of using a computer-based phone can, in fact, be downright exciting. But what if you used SIP over a mobile phone? How much would that impact your life – and how easy would it make your newfound dedication to VoIP?

Well, it’s not only possible, but it’s already going on for the Droid. SIPDroid allows you to sync up your Google Voice VoIP phone system with the Droid, making your VoIP strategies easy to use – and available in your pocket. So let’s explore these capabilities and reflect on how …

Digium_switchvoxIf you’re looking for technical help on how to fax with Switchvox, the helpful engineers at Digium have put together a primer to get you on your way.

Incoming Faxes

  • With the fax software installed, you can enter a default fax extension for each channel group or SIP provider so when faxes are received, they are routed to this extension.
  • You can set up an incoming call route so that one extension can handle both voice calls and faxes.
  • You can set up an incoming call route so that all activity on an extension is treated as a fax and sent to the same extension. This is useful if you want a dedicated incoming fax extension.

Outgoing Faxes

  • With the fax software installed, if you

Helping the Buffalo City Mission fill emply plates this holiday season, VoIP Supply donated 3,000 dinners, and called on local competitors to do the same.

Just a few weeks ago VoIP Supply made a 1,000 Thanksgiving dinner donation and now with Christmas rapidly approaching, an additional 2,000 dinners were gifted to the Buffalo City Mission to feed needy families. 

Benjamin Sayers, CEO and owner of VoIP Supply, is personally splitting this donation with the company:

“We just can’t bear the thought of thousands of families not being able to enjoy a holiday meal,” said Sayers. “Because VoIP Supply is thriving, we feel an obligation to give back to our community. We are sure that other Buffalo area companies feel the same, and urge them to match

Using today’s technology for communication has now gone beyond email and instant messaging. Total integration – for both the office and the home – is possible for communication on a single source: the computer.

Of course, not all of us use the same types of computers, which can make things a little complicated for the SIP-uninitiated, to say the least. But using Session Initiation Protocol technology as part of a VoIP service will be worth the setup – especially considering just how easy SIP can be to set up.

Let’s focus on the world of Apple computer lovers today and recommend a few ways that you can set up SIP for Apple.…

tmc_logoWith VoIP technology poised to be one of the most dynamic industries in the next five years, VoIP Supply itself certainly had a busy year.  Helping us wrap up the year before the holidays, TMCnet’s Carrie Schmelkin higlighted some of the best of 2011 for VoIP Supply:

VoIP Supply also expanded its services, added the new VoP Fulfillment division, added new product lines, improved customer experience, and hired a handful of new employees.…

shoestring-venture-logo-2Shoestring Venture, the startup bible blog, recently featured VoIP Supply on their site.  Including a synopsis of our hosted, cloud based VoIP solutions and other services that are great for small businesses or entrepreneurs just getting started, VoIP Supply was asked to answer questions about how we can best help customers and where the company is heading.

Click here to read the full article, Hosted, Cloud Based VoIP Service Made Easy by VoIP Supply.…

Did you know that Panasonic makes SIP Phones? Me neither, until I received a pack of four to demo in our lab at VoIP Supply. If you have been using Grandstream, Yealink, Aastra, or Polycom, you owe yourself a peek at the Panasonic SIP Phone Lineup.

What Makes Panasonic the Same

Just like the others out there, Panasonic offers all the great features you have come to expect in a decent SIP Phone:

  • PoE
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet PortsPanasonic
  • HD Voice
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Call Waiting
  • BLF
  • Three-Way Conference
  • Integration with other IP-Enabled devices such as intercoms, cameras, and door phones.

The Deskphone Linecard currently has four models available ranging from entry level to management-type. The Panasonic SIP lineup even includes a DECT phone. The Panasonic KX-TGP550 is …

polycom_logoOn Tuesday, December 6th Polycom will co-host a live webinar with Microsoft to show how new Polycom solutions combined with Microsoft Lync create powerful unified communications (UC) systems.

Polycom plus Microsoft Lync create an interoperable environment enabling users to:

  • Quickly find each other with IM/presence and web conferencing.
  • Launch video and voice calls easily and intuitively within Microsoft Lync.
  • Share content via Microsoft Lync to Polycom HD video systems.

Microsoft LyncExplaining the value of this solution and answer questions, this webinar will feature Microsoft and Polycom executives and a customer speaker.  Webinar starts December 6th at 11 am EST.  Follow this link for event registration: 

Also to be discussed is the new Polycom CX7000, the first …

Digium Switchvox2

Switchvox is Digium’s family of VoIP (Voice Over IP) Phone Systems for small and medium businesses.  If your small operation is looking for examples that mirror your own application, new Switchvox case studies have been posted that show how to:

  • Better manage call centers and address customer frustrations.
  • Save up to 40% with Switchvox over competitive telecommunication systems.
  • Increase flexibility and cost savings with Switchvox.
  • Utilize the extra Switchvox features/functions that come right out of the box including conference calls, voicemail,  fax to email, call center help desk functionality.

Switchvox systems are designed to be easy to use, full of helpful features and cost less than a traditional PBX.  Compare Switchvox SOHO for up to 20 users including mobile apps and Switchvox SMB that comes in three sizes …