Switchvox Tech Tip – VoIP Faxing

December 21, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

Digium_switchvoxIf you’re looking for technical help on how to fax with Switchvox, the helpful engineers at Digium have put together a primer to get you on your way.

Incoming Faxes

  • With the fax software installed, you can enter a default fax extension for each channel group or SIP provider so when faxes are received, they are routed to this extension.
  • You can set up an incoming call route so that one extension can handle both voice calls and faxes.
  • You can set up an incoming call route so that all activity on an extension is treated as a fax and sent to the same extension. This is useful if you want a dedicated incoming fax extension.

Outgoing Faxes

  • With the fax software installed, if you want to use a fax machine, you can dedicate its extension to just sending faxes.
  • In the User Suite under Fax Options, there is a setting that can be enabled to treat all outgoing calls as faxes.
  • If this is set to YES, Switchvox handles all outgoing activity as a fax. It receives a fax-file, puts it in the Fax Outbox folder in that extension’s mailbox, and sends the fax.
  • If this is set to NO, this indicates that this extension may make voice calls and send faxes.


By treating incoming and outgoing calls as faxes, Switchvox immediately processes the call as a fax instead of waiting to detect fax tones before processing the call as a fax.

Fax License

There is one free fax license reserved for every Switchvox registration code. This can be accessed in the Admin Suite via the Digium Addon Products link.

You must have your 16-digit registration code to access the fax license.

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