SIP for Apple

December 15, 2011 by Garrett Smith

SIP for AppleUsing today’s technology for communication has now gone beyond email and instant messaging. Total integration – for both the office and the home – is possible for communication on a single source: the computer.

Of course, not all of us use the same types of computers, which can make things a little complicated for the SIP-uninitiated, to say the least. But using Session Initiation Protocol technology as part of a VoIP service will be worth the setup – especially considering just how easy SIP can be to set up.

Let’s focus on the world of Apple computer lovers today and recommend a few ways that you can set up SIP for Apple.

Apple Softphones

Using SIP allows for great communication services via the softphone, a simple technology that allows you to basically recreate a real phone on your computer. Because many of these phones are easy to download for free, the simple trick of it is to decide which phone is right for you. There are a number of different options available for Apple Softphones, including:

  • 3CXPhone:  Free VoIP / SIP Softphone for iPhone.
  • Switchvox Mobile:  Free; integrates Switchvox SMB phone system w/iPhone.
  • Cisco Mobile:  Free Cisco Mobile 8.1 for iPhone
  • Acrobits Softphone: SIP calls through Google Voice.
  • Media5-fone: Free; compatible with leading enterprise IP-PBX and SIP servers such as Asterisk, FreeSwitch, and more.

Apple users will be happy with those downloads as they can be acquired over iTunes without any complicated instructions or setup requirements.

Of course, there’s more to SIP than just downloading the softphone. You have to understand the capabilities of SIP when you use a softphone, and you’ll find that there are more capabilities than simply dialing the correct numbers.

Because SIP technology over VoIP allows for so many computer-based possibilities, you’ll have a lot more options for communication when you switch your Apple over to SIP technology and start making your calls from the computer. Let’s explore these options.

SIP for Apple

The capabilities of SIP for Apple – and SIP in general – start with the basic two-way phone call. Anyone who downloads an Apple softphone will not miss out on that same experience. Simply dialing a number and having a voice chat is still possible – and in fact can be very convenient.

But there are other options to consider when an SIP session is started:

  • Instant messaging can take place.
  • Web page click-to-dial can take place.
  • Voice-enhanced e-commerce can take place.

These options makes SIP essential in the telecom industry, of course, but can be just as useful if you’re going to be using SIP for a personal or professional use.

The easiest way to get started with SIP for Apple is to sign up to a VoIP service that offers SIP features – and then download a softphone like the ones listed above. You’ll quickly see how the new setup can change the way you do business and handle your daily life.

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