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December 22, 2011 by Garrett Smith

Utilizing new phone technology can be great for both business and personal use. People who embrace VoIP and SIP technology see new capabilities, new conveniences, and a lot of money saved.

New enhanced options of using a computer-based phone can, in fact, be downright exciting. But what if you used SIP over a mobile phone? How much would that impact your life – and how easy would it make your newfound dedication to VoIP?

Well, it’s not only possible, but it’s already going on for the Droid. SIPDroid allows you to sync up your Google Voice VoIP phone system with the Droid, making your VoIP strategies easy to use – and available in your pocket. So let’s explore these capabilities and reflect on how it might change the life of anyone who knows about SIPDroid.

SIP Integration and Great Features

Utilizing an SIP strategy using the Droid is incredibly easy with SIPDroid, because SIPDroid will allow you to call any SIP-based PC. Initiating a session via PC will allow you to connect from your Droid to a computer, which is definitely a good thing if you want to talk to someone who’s sitting at their computer. But in reality, your Droid, once set up with SIPDroid, will be able to connect with any SIP-enabled device, including other Droids.

These features allow for both voice and video conferencing, both of which are of course hallmarks of SIP communication and mobile communication in general. But these features also make it easy to have someone remotely connect to a meeting via SIP. Other traditional SIP capabilities can also be handled from the Droid, allowing a new range of mobility for any business traveler or traveler in general.

Why SIPDroid?

Of course, anyone without a Droid will not find SIPDroid too convenient. But if you want to integrate a new VoIP system with your mobile phone and you already own a Droid, then using SIPDroid is one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make.

It essentially becomes a softphone for a PC right on your regular mobile phone, enhancing your personal communication abilities and still ensuring that you can carry these capabilities with you anywhere you want – in your pocket.

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