First Look: SIPDroid Open Source SIP Client for Android Mobile Phones

April 28, 2009 by Garrett Smith

SIPDroid is a java based, open source SIP client that has recently been developed for use with mobile devices based on Google’s Android platform.

Based upon a Java SIP stack contributed by MJSip, SIPDroid is currently in public beta.

The SIPDroid Users forum can be found here. The SIPDroid Developers forum is located here.

From the website:
After completion of the closed alpha stage this project will publish the software for free under the terms of GNU General Public License v3. The first beta version will be for software testing. So please allow for some issues and incompatibilities at the beginning.

Although SIPDroid will likely mature quickly, it is currently only fully supported using virtual PBX service from offers a free basic account registration for their service.

Once you have created a basic account with you can set up additional SIP providers/registrars within the Trunks section of their web based UI.

PBXes allows you to register several trunks from multiple telephony service providers of your choice. PBXes routes incoming calls over SIP and the PSTN to you. If you are online you can take a call as VoIP, and if you are offline the call will fall back to GSM.

Beyond their free basic service, a paid account additionally allows for handoff of calls between networks. PBXes also supports NAT.

To install Sipdroid you need version 1.5 “Cupcake” of Android. It is already available from HTC for Android Developer Phones. Visit this link for details on updating the OS. An OTA (over the air) update for the other phones has been announced for coming in the beginning of May.

Tragically, most of us here at The VoIP Insider are Apple iPhone users, but we have procured an Android mobile phone from Yannick Tessier, our head of engineering, for testing purposes. We will attempt to get SIPDroid working this week with Asterisk and let you know how we fare.


  • I have an ADP1 phone w/ 1.5 firware and have been trying to hook sipdroid to an asterisk server. I havent’ quite gotten it yet. I am behind a NAT from the server, which seems to be part of the problem. I can a successfull registration and incoming calls ring and open, but no sound. Outgoing calls “abnormally terminate” at dial time.

    I would love to hear from anybody who has gotten farther and any adjustments you’ve made.

  • Rob

    Interesting that SIPdroid essentially requires the use of while the lead developer, Pascal Merle is listed as the CEO of

    Not really a huge deal but explains why the development appears to be focused on rather than Asterisk or any other standard SIP-based PBX.

  • Olivier

    Partial success, I managed to call Sipdroid ok… once.
    ADP1 w/1.5, AT&T =>EDGE only, Asterisk on fixed IP (Speakeasy). Key settings in sip.conf: nat=yes insecure=invite,port qualify=no (Sipdroid sets the sender IP to, and doesn’t seem to handle Asterisk’s “pings”).
    Significant/perceptible latency, otherwise the sound quality was definitely acceptable. Clearly there is potential!
    Not been able to place any call from Sipdroid so far however… :/

  • Sipdroid worked fine for placing a call after I read the Getting Started guide. I set up an extension and a trunk with sipphone, and it sounded pretty good!

    Also, is a cool service – impressive to see telephony folks implementing the very flexible business models of mailbox and mailing list hosting companies. I hope that getting it working with other sip providers is mostly a matter of testing and tweaking.

  • jpgmot

    Sipdroid work fine with my asterisk server:
    Registration OK (without password at this time)
    Place a call OK sound quality OK
    Receive call Partialy OK : the phone display the incoming call , I can answer , but the phone don’t ring

    my sip.conf

  • where did you edit your sip.conf?

  • cheval

    “the development appears to be focused on rather than Asterisk”

    PBXes runs on asterisk so integrating it into Asterisk/Trix/Elastix should be a walk in the park

  • llt1214

    Hi.. i installed sipdroid in my android emulator.. i can perform calls but i cant receive calls. the phone also does not display incoming call. can you help me?

  • dzahler

    Flawlessly running using UDP protocol over Verizon 3G network connecting directly to Asterisk 1.4.2.

  • Ronald

    Will this sip client divert audio to bluetooth? Can it Allow bluetooth to make voip call?

  • Damon

    I was able to setup Sipdroid to work directly with the Gizmo5 sip server.

  • Folks!

    if you have asterisk could download “ASIP” ( from vtech ) program from android market, it works with asterisk, since it has a design in wich you could use any sip provider and then, you don need pbxes anymore.

    i have tested it with 3g calls and wifi of course it works!


  • Raymond

    Installed latest SIPDroid Beta to my Nexus One … application looks good… I can receive calls using Google Voice over SIP/Wifi, however making calls linking the SIP/Gizmo5 sound terrible on the Nexus One, however the caller can hear perfectly. I wonder how to correct this issue …. Fring seems to work find for both calling/receiving …. I wonder if its just a simple matter to correct for Gizmo5 clients

  • JC

    I just bought an HTC Hero Android the day before yesterday. I know there is going to be challenge for a cell phone internet connection to go directly to SIP servers. The cell phone keeps changing IP address. SIP’s RFC doesn’t say how to reduce the manual/scripted reconfiguration of so many IP addresses. PBXes makes sense.

    Look, 3G networks basically make your phone dial up 777 for an Internet connection. It is basically dial up network that never holds a connection long enough. Besides, the modem that rings when your phone dials up 777 may be 20 hops of routers away.

    I use Sprint, I am in Boston, and sprint’s 777 line modem is located in Kansas! What’s the point to use all these IP routers that deay 20 hops? My friends in Boston should be 4 IP router hops away. 20 IP router hops should take me to Mars.

    But, ultimately, 4G networks will stop all the dial up nonsense.

    So, I wonder if one day PBXes will not be needed for sipdroid.

  • MSA

    We wish to create an application for asterisk using sip.
    kindly share details of how to send/receive calls using sipdroid using an android emulator.

  • tarax110

    Hey guys ,,,
    just bought an xperia x10 .. does anyone know how to make this thing work !!? maybe a guide for dumbo;s !!?

  • tarax110

    It will really help .. if anyone can send me a link or somthing to set this up please..

  • gb

    For gizmo5 and googlevoice users, you can also use guava. It’s downloadable from the gizmo5 site. Try googling it.

  • Amanda

    I want to use skype in my phone, sipdroid god for that?
    I have sony ericsson k800
    if work , tell me how to install

  • waleed naccash

    I have samsung P1000 tab and I would like to use my skype on it.

  • masood


    I have installed SIPDroid in my 2.2 android tablet. I have also sip account. I need to know how to make a call, and what number has to be given for making a call.

  • Hi,

    Any special setting to do this on NEXUS S?
    because it always disconnected after making a call.

  • reefat

    I downloaded the source code of SipDroid using this command :
    svn checkout sipdroid-read-only
    According to you, it uses java sip stack MJSIP, but in the source code i saw it contains C code and JNI. I am in a fix. I wished to avoid JNI and thats why i went after its source code. Will you please explain it.

  • santosh


    I have Samsung Galaxy S2 but i don’t know how ti install this application on it can anyone please let me know process.


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