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Reclaim Your Equipment InvestmentIf you are looking to upgrade your VoIP System to a newer one or upgrade your VoIP phones to the latest and greatest, perhaps you have thought about what to do with your old VoIP Equipment.

VoIP Supply is a fantastic place to start your research. VoIP Supply’s Reclaim program buys back old VoIP equipment and gives you credit towards your new VoIP System or VoIP Phones.

How Reclaim Program Works

First, you need to accept the fact that you have old VoIP equipment and you have to want to get rid of it.

There is no room for hoarders in the Reclaim program.  Once you have accepted that fact and are ready to be out with the old, contact our Reclaim Specialist, Mike Rehac. Email …

Nobody likes being told that if they want to use “x” phone system they have to use “x” phones.  When a decision maker hears that they have no choice in what phones they use, they seem to want a different type of phone just out of spite. It’s like going to a restaurant and seeing the words “No Substitutions” on the menu…

Luckily, Switchvox by Digium is an open sourced platform with an Asterisk core which allows you to use just about any SIP phone that will work with Asterisk. However, for people who breathe a little easier when their entire solution is single-branded, now Digium offers there own brand of phone that works seemlessly with Switchvox (and any other Asterisk deployment, too, but here …

A few weeks ago I wrote about what Cisco Callway is and how easy it is to use Cisco Callway with Cisco Telepresence video hardware.

Cisco’s announcement this week that Cisco Callway has become Cisco WebEx Telepresence means that your Callway hosted video subscription not only has a new name, but it became cheaper with more functionality!

Changes to Cisco CallwayCisco WebEx Telepresence

If you already use Cisco Callway or have already looked into it, you need to know what has changed besides just the name. Here is a quick run through.

(1)    The ‘Standard’ video package no longer exists. This was unlimited video up to 720p for $99 a month.

(2)    The pricing on the Cisco WebEx Telepresence Premium package which includes unlimited 1080p …

The savings spree which began in January is about to come to an end. This is the last week to save 5% when you purchase a VoIP Supply Cisco bundle.

Why Bundles?

Why not bundles? Whether you realize it or not, you are creating your own bundle when you buy the products to solve your problems. A solution is a bundle. At VoIP Supply, we talk to people every day who are looking for solutions.

We have taken the most common solutions and bundled them together for ease of ordering. In addition, buying all the pieces of your solution from one place at one time makes for a smoother installation and less administrative work.

Cisco UC Bundles

The Cisco UC bundles offered by VoIP …

VoIP Supply recently attended a webinar hosted by Patton announcing their new Smartnode 4970, 4980, and 4990 series digital gateways. We wanted to share the good word because we recognize Patton as a tier 1 gateway manufacturer who is known for 3 prevailing things: fantastic quality and reliability, industry-BEST free post-sales customer support, and the fact that all Patton gateways are made in the USA. There is nothing fun or sexy about a gateway, and often they are very hard to set up and configure to do what you want them to do, but with Patton, you can call them FOR FREE and they will help you configure your gateway to work the way you want it. Once it is set up, it will work …

Part 2 – Installing and using Callway with Video Hardware

Note: This is the second installment in a two part series. Click here for Part I.Cisco_Callway

If you read Part I you understand what Cisco Callway is and why it is a great investment choice over installing your own on-premise video infrastructure so, now let me tell you how easy it is to install and use.

As a product manager, I write the product descriptions on VoIP I read datasheets, watch tutorial videos, and find images. I sometimes help sales on compatibility of the products I manage.  What I don’t do is set up phones or install PBX’s. I can tell you every speed and feed in our catalog but I don’t deploy …

Cisco Callway – So Easy Even a Caveman Can Do it..

A 2 part series


As the Product Manager for Cisco at VoIP Supply I was recently challenged with getting VoIP Supply Cisco Small Business Telepresence Certified.  Of course I passed all of the exams with flying colors (Yay! We are Certified!) but as many people in the IT industry know passing a test and being able to use that knowledge are two very different things. So I set out to install and use Cisco Callway myself to determine if it is really user friendly and a viable alternative to premise-based video conferencing solutions.

Part 1 – What is Callway?Cisco_Callway

Part of the Cisco SB Telepresence offering is a hosted video solution called Callway. …

What Is It?

The new Digium Gateways are an alternative to installing Digium TDM cards into your server when bridging the PSTN to a SIP environment, or vice versa.

Harness the power of Digium TDM cards in a standalone appliance with no fans or moving parts to convert PSTN to SIP without using precious server resources.

What Does It Do?

Digium single T1 or dual T1 gateways can be used to bridge the PSTN with an IP PBX, to use an ITSP for SIP trunking with a legacy analog PBX, or to migrate to VoIP slowly by bridging the PSTN with both an analog PBX and an IP PBX.  

The Digium gateway is also an ideal appliance for bridging remote sites with a central …

5% Off Cisco Bundles Until 3/31/12!Buying in bundles tends to take some of the guesswork out of preparing a purchase order. Not only does it kill two birds with one stone, but in many cases, bundling a solution together saves you money.

VoIP Supply is all about saving money, especially when it comes to Cisco.

We believe that Cisco Small Business gear is not a luxury item, but is a staple in any growing business. To prove it, VoIP Supply is offering 5% off any preconfigured Cisco bundle until June 30, 2012.

Cisco bundles aren’t just UC solutions but also 10 packs of the hugely popular SPA504, SPA303, and SPA525G2 phones.

Why not save time and money all at once?

Click here to save on Cisco

Why We Love Spectralink

What’s not to love… all the mobility of a cell phone in a secure VoWiFi handset that we can hang on a lanyard or clip onto our belt.  With the introduction of the Spectralink 8440  and Spectralink 8450 we have HD Voice, a color choice, and a cool user interface and even the ability to barcode scan right into our laptops. 

Now the Spectralink WiFi phone by Polycom is even more verticalized for Healthcare and Manufacturing applications while still being perfect and slick looking for hospitality and retail.  


Why We (I) Hate Spectralink

I  hate talking into a phone. Period. I hate holding a phone to my ear. It is cumbersome, I need my hands for doing my job, not holding my …