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SpectraLink wireless phones are wildly famous. And why not? Their iconic WiFI and DECT phones offer all kinds of benefits to businesses who need mobility and accessibility across a wide area of operation. SpectraLink hasn’t slowed down with their 84-Series Wireless Telephones.

The 84-Series phones are designed with certain industries in mind: healthcare, manufacturing, retail and hospitality to name a few. You can always rely on the SpectraLink 8440, which comes in a black or a blue handset, to keep corridor mobile workers connected while on the job. Previously, your Spectralink 8440 handset would work with most SIP-based call systems as long as you were connecting the handset to the LAN using a Spectralink VIEW certified access point. If you were tech savvy, you may …

It’s finally May and you know what that means – Busy summer sales months are right around the corner!  If your phone system is an antiquated analog or digital system, you are heading into the busiest weeks of the year with a disadvantage already!

At this point, you are probably already considering a new VoIP phone system.  If Switchvox, Frost and Sullivan’s choice for global growth leadership in Unified Communications, is a system you are considering or have already purchased, below are some training opportunities that you need to mark on your calendar!

Is Switchvox Right for you? A live demonstration of Switchvox UC Phone System  – FREE held every Thursday at 3pm EDT – Click here to register!
Register for this webinar to …

If you were a fan of Cisco last quarter you no doubt followed their 4-4-3 promotion where you practically got your 4th SPA504 or SPA303 phone for free when you bought a 4 pack. What a great promotion! Let’s face it, when the marketing giants at Cisco put their minds to work, they pump out some great deals! But all good things must come to an end.  How do you top that?

Well, believe it or not, they have! The Cisco SPA504 is arguably our most popular Small Business VoIP phone and has been since it came out in 2009.  Not only is the Cisco SPA504 feature rich and sexy, it is pretty affordable too at only $124.99.  The SPA504 offers 4 lines, a backlit …

For years, Switchvox has been the most trusted name in feature-rich, out of the box Asterisk® solutions. Digium’s Switchvox has won multiple awards in recent years including the CRN 5-star Partner, Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Global Growth Leadership, TMC’s Innovation Award for 2012, among many others. Why does the industry love Switchvox? Because it offers the most comprehensive UC feature set right out of the box in an easy to install and administer package. In addition, the phone and email support that is included with each and every user subscription makes Switchvox one of the most supported Asterisk®-based systems available. Digium’s expert team of technicians is always on hand to help with even the most unique problems. Up …

What Is It?

The Elastix ELX-025 is a 1U PBX appliance which can be used as a total UC solution for small and medium businesses. The ELX-025 appliance runs Elastix software, which is a distribution of Asterisk, the free open source PBX software. The Elastix ELX-025 ideally will support up to 100 extensions and 30 concurrent calls.Elastix_ELX25-side

What Does It Do?

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What Is It?

It has been spoken of and referred to since July 2012 but it is finally here, the latest addition to the Cisco Made For Small Business line of communication products, the SPA302D-KIT. The Cisco SPA302D-KIT consists of two components: The Cisco SPA232D ATA and the Cisco SPA302D Wireless handset.Cisco DECT Solution

What Does It Do?

The Cisco SPA232D ATA, or VoIP adapter, features a single FXS port for your analog phone or fax machine and a single FXO port to connect to the PSTN. PSTN connection is not required, but can be used as a backup lifeline or to make local calls. The SPA232D has a LAN and a WAN port, making it flexible enough to fit into a SOHO environment, connecting …

10.  RCA VoIP Phones. Name brands you have come to know and trust in your home have begun to emerge in the VoIP market. RCA VoIP phones for instance, along with Panasonic and AT&T, have begun to offer SIP phones that bring the consumer-friendly look and feel to your office. The most popular model, the RCA IP150, runs on an Android O/S and brings the Smartphone user experience to your desk.


9. Cisco SPA112 and SPA122. So long PAP2T and SPA2102! The new Cisco ATA’s are smaller, sexier, and more robust!


KX-TGP5508. Panasonic KX-TGP550 and KX-TPA50. With the passing of the Aastra CT Phones, the demand for a corded IP deskphone and a cordless DECT satellite handset was more focused …

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No doubt you have read articles and seen social media posts about the video conferencing craze and why experts are saying that this is where business is going. No doubt since the cost of business travel has skyrocketed and is becoming a more and more critical business expenditure.  By adopting and using a video conferencing strategy in your business, you can save up to 50% on your annual travel costs.

How does this really affect you? Why do you need video conferencing in your business today and how hard or expensive is it going to be?  As a real business owner, we asked video conferencing expert Andria Baunee these questions.



Business Owner: Why would I want video conferencing and why would I want a

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With the end of 2012 (and possibly the whole world) quickly approaching, we wanted to do a favor for those of you with excess budget that you need to “use or lose”.  I know, I know- you can thank us later, because with these “top 12 things to do with excess budget” you don’t have to plan on your own, and you can take back your most important asset – your time!

12.  Company tickets for an NHL game! Everyone loves to blow off some workplace steam by having a  few brews and sitting back to watch some….. oh wait…

11.  Learn to dance Gangnam Style. Many fitness places around North America are offering classes to learn how to ride your horse Gangnam Style,

We are really excited to offer Obihai VoIP adapters as an option for VoIP connectivity for the residential or small business user.  Obihai offers an opportunity to make free or low cost calls over the internet using existing analog devices for most users.  Using your choice of a SIP VoIP service provider or Google Voice, the OBi100 and OBi110 are low cost VoIP adapters that can be easily configured by even the non-technical user to save a ton of money on voice calling.

What is it?

The OBi100 and OBi110 are VoIP adapters supporting 1 analog device such as an analog phone or fax machine.  The OBi100 series will connect to almost any SIPObihai_Obi110 service provider or Google Voice.  The OBi100 features 1 FXS …

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