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October 18, 2013 by Christina Smith

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SpectraLink wireless phones are wildly famous. And why not? Their iconic WiFI and DECT phones offer all kinds of benefits to businesses who need mobility and accessibility across a wide area of operation. SpectraLink hasn’t slowed down with their 84-Series Wireless Telephones.

The 84-Series phones are designed with certain industries in mind: healthcare, manufacturing, retail and hospitality to name a few. You can always rely on the SpectraLink 8440, which comes in a black or a blue handset, to keep corridor mobile workers connected while on the job. Previously, your Spectralink 8440 handset would work with most SIP-based call systems as long as you were connecting the handset to the LAN using a Spectralink VIEW certified access point. If you were tech savvy, you may be able to make it work with Microsoft OCS or Lync. Now Spectralink offers specific 8440, 8441, 8452, and 8453 models that are tried and true with Microsoft Lync.

Using the SpectraLink 84-Series WiFi handset with Microsoft Lync brings even greater UC features to your fingertips. When used with Microsoft Lync, the SpectraLink 8440 and SpectraLink 8450 series offers presence, instant messaging, and Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration.

8400 Handsets

The Spectralink base model 8440 handset for Lync comes in either a black or blue keypad face. Unlike the Spectralink 6000 series, the 8400 series handsets will work on any Spectralink VIEW certified WiFi access point. This helps you cut down on infrastructure by using your existing WLAN. The 8440 (and all 8400 series handsets) feature a 2.2in color LCD display with a high 240×320 resolution and four context sensitive soft keys. They offer 2.5mm and Bluetooth headset support and are drop and shock resistant (Do I dare mention MIL STD 810F and IP-64? No, I won’t because that is boring talk, but its all there). When used with the Spectralink desktop speakerphone dock, the Spectralink 8440 also features crystal clear HD voice!

8441 Handsets

The Spectralink 8441 for Lync offers all the awesome features of the 8440 handsets with the addition of security features like “man down” and call alerting. When used with a 3rd party monitoring software, Spectralink 8441 phones can determine if the user is down on the ground, running, or if motion has ceased and notify proper authorities, offering the utmost in workplace safety.

8452 Handsets

The Spectralink 8452 for Lync improves upon the 8440 handsets with the addition of a 1D/2D barcode scanner. Use the Spectralink 8452 with third party software to scan UPC codes or patient identification bracelets. If you are a phone fashionista, the Spectralink 8452 also comes in your choice of blue or black faceplate.

8453 Handsets

Like the Spectralink 8441, the Spectralink 8453 offers security features with the addition of a 1D/2D barcode scanner. The Spectralink 8453 combines the ultimate in versatility and safety, and now it’s updated for Lync.

How to Order

When ordering your new Spectralink WiFi phone, you need to order the handset separately, then choose your battery and charging option. Choose from a single battery and charging cable, a dual charger which charges the phone and a second battery simultaneously, a quad charger which charges 4 batteries, or the 12-bay charger which will cover multiple shift users and is desktop or wall mountable! For the often deskbound professional, Spectralink offers a desktop conference phone charging station which turns your Spectralink handset into an HD Voice speakerphone and charges the battery to boot!

For the complete line of Spectralink covers, clips, and charging devices necessary to make the move to the 84-Series, visit SpectraLink 8440 Accessories and SpectraLink 8450 Accessories.

For more information or if you have any questions, call our VoIP Supply experts at 1.800.398.8647. Let us help you choose the perfect set for your business needs!

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