First Look: Cisco SPA302D ATA and DECT Phone System

February 3, 2013 by Christina Smith

What Is It?

It has been spoken of and referred to since July 2012 but it is finally here, the latest addition to the Cisco Made For Small Business line of communication products, the SPA302D-KIT. The Cisco SPA302D-KIT consists of two components: The Cisco SPA232D ATA and the Cisco SPA302D Wireless handset.Cisco DECT Solution

What Does It Do?

The Cisco SPA232D ATA, or VoIP adapter, features a single FXS port for your analog phone or fax machine and a single FXO port to connect to the PSTN. PSTN connection is not required, but can be used as a backup lifeline or to make local calls. The SPA232D has a LAN and a WAN port, making it flexible enough to fit into a SOHO environment, connecting directly to the router, or in a small business environment.

What differentiates the SPA232D from other popular VoIP adapters is that it has a built in DECT base station. DECT is a method of transmitting wirelessly, so in essence, the SPA232D is also a wireless VoIP phone base.

The Cisco SPA302D is a wireless VoIP phone that uses the Internet rather than normal phone lines to communicate. It connects to the Internet or to your LAN using the DECT base station integrated in the SPA232D.
The Cisco SPA232D ATA can be used by itself to provide your analog devices access to the Internet to use VoIP or when used in conjunction with a SPA302D DECT handset, can be used as a Cisco wireless VoIP solution. Each SPA232D can support up to 5 Cisco SPA302D handsets and will support 11 SIP accounts. This means each handset can have up to 2 SIP accounts, plus the analog device plugged into the SPA232D can have 1 SIP account. The SPA232D will handle up to 4 simultaneous calls.

Cisco SPA302D HandsetWho Is It For?

The Cisco SPA302D-KIT, which is one SPA232D ATA and one SPA302D phone, is perfectly suited for the small business or SOHO that wants the cost savings and features of VoIP but the mobility of a wireless phone inside the office. By using the SPA232D with 5 SPA302D, this Cisco wireless solution is perfect for a small business with 5 or fewer associates or where associates are not deskbound and are mobile all day, such as car dealerships, pet daycare or grooming centers, florists, small retail shops, and restaurants.

The Cisco SPA302D-KIT with no additional wireless handsets would also be ideal for a telecommuter who works from home but would love to double their efficiency by being mobile throughout their house. Be completely connected to the office while making dinner, doing laundry, or even enjoy working from your patio on warm days! The FXS port on the SPA232D also allows you to hook up a fax machine or modem if you need it for work, allowing you to truly bring your whole office into your home. Because you can add additional handsets and additional SIP accounts, you can have one handset be your work VoIP account and another handset be a home VoIP account and run your entire home telecommunications structure through the Cisco SPA302D and SPA232D.



Cisco says that the SPA232D, SPA302D, and SPA302D-Kit should be available by late March or early April. Place your pre-orders now!


  • Has anyone actually successfully integrated this unit with an elastix PBX?

  • mark robinson


    Please can you tell me that the SPA302D kit can be connected and used with Ciscos Call manager Express.

    Best regards


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