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Cisco SPA302D-KIT (Discontinued)

  • Cisco SPA302D and SPA232D DECT ATA Cisco SPA302D and SPA232D DECT ATA
  • Cisco SPA302D Handset Cisco SPA302D Handset
  • Cisco SPA302D Handset with Base Cisco SPA302D Handset with Base
  • Cisco SPA232D DECT ATA Cisco SPA232D DECT ATA
The Cisco SPA302D-KIT has been made end of life by the manufacturer. For more Cisco bundles and phones, please check out the Cisco Web Page. For more information or if you have questions, please call 800.398.8647.
The Cisco SPA302DKit is a bundle comprised of the Cisco SPA232D ATA with built in DECT server and one Cisco SPA302D DECT handset. Read More
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Cisco SPA302D DECT System Bundle

The Cisco SPA302DKit is a bundle comprised of the Cisco SPA232D ATA with built in DECT server and one Cisco SPA302D DECT handset. This Cisco DECT System will support up to 5 SPA302D handsets and up to 4 simultaneous calls. The Cisco SPA302D and SPA232D together form the Cisco Small Business IP DECT phone offering which helps keep small businesses connected even when they can't be at their desk.

Cisco SPA232D DECT ATA Overview

The Cisco SPA232D ATA, the central server as part of the SPA302D Kit, is a VoIP Adapter, or VoIP ATA, which can be used to connect an analog phone or fax machine to VoIP services over the internet. The Cisco SPA232D has one FXS port for an analog phone or fax machine, one FXO port to bridge it to the PSTN if desired, a WAN port for internet connectivity, and an Ethernet port to tie it into the local LAN. The Cisco SPA232D improves on its predecessor, the SPA3102, with the addition of an integrated DECT base station which will allow up to 5 Cisco SPA302D handsets to communicate with it. The Cisco SPA232D will allow for 11 individual SIP Accounts, 10 via DECT (2 per phone) and 1 on the FXS port.

Cisco SPA302D DECT Handset Overview

The Cisco SPA302D DECT handset allows you to connect to your VoIP phone service wirelessly when used with a SPA232D. You can add up to 5 Cisco SPA302D handsets to a single SPA232D DECT ATA. Each SPA302D will support up to 2 SIP accounts so you can enjoy the features of your desk phone while you roam the office. The Cisco SPA302D boasts a 2in TFT color display and a white illuminated keypad. The phone holds a 50 record private phone book and a 50 record shared phonebook. Enjoy all the features you normally get on your VoIP deskphone like caller ID, message waiting indication (MWI), selectable ringtones, do not disturb, call forward, speakerphone, call transfer, call hold, and three way conference. (See datasheet for complete feature list) The Cisco SPA302D ships with the DECT handset, 2 AAA NiMh batteries, a charging cradle, a power adapter, and a belt clip, so you don't have to worry about buying all the accessories to make it work up front.

Standby Time
100+ hours
Talk Time
9+ hours
Call Notification Method
Ring, Vibrate, Silent
High Definition
Protocols Supported
Cisco SPA302D and SPA232D DECT ATA

Michael Rehac

Direct: 716-213-6898

Why Pay $199.99 for the Cisco SPA302D-KIT (Discontinued)?

  • Includes a one port FXS ATA and a DECT station to control up to 5 SPA302D wireless phones

  • 1 Cisco SPA302D wireless phone included

  • FXO port for PSTN pass through for local calls or failover

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Customer Reviews

(Submitted on ) | by

Great but quiet
The phone works great and has proven itself very useful. However, the device is so quiet it is easy to miss calls and makes using the speaker phone option nearly useless. We are using it with a switchfox system no problem.

(Submitted on ) | by

Poor performance
I have found this unit quite unreliable. The ATA constantly drops the Sip connection and fails to reregister, while other cisco voip gear on the same network works fine. The handset will also cut power mid-call on some operations (like speakerphone), even when the batteries are fully charged. The handset, while well built, has very rudimentary software and lacks many of the features you would expect even in an entry-level DECT phone.

(Submitted on ) | by

Terrible Build, Awful Firmware
This one of my most regretted purchases of 2013. I've spent an unnecessary amount of time reconfiguring them because the phones break under normal use, reset randomly, and generally just fail to work as a simple wireless phone. Not recommended

(Submitted on ) | by

One of the better SIP/Dect Solutions
There are some things that could be improved on this phone. The first thing I recommend is updating the software on the SPA232d (base), and then pull the updates to the cordless phones (in the options).

Overall, after testing about 12 different cordless options, this is the one we settled on for selling to our customers.

(Submitted on ) | by

Works but Setup a challenge and ringer volume is low
The documentation is not the greatest, and give the built-in router setup will take a bit of know-how if your just going to plug this into your existing router. The user interface is not the cleanest, and is not intuitive. To my surprise the ringer volume is poor even at the highest volume - seems that perhaps the product is targeted to office and mobility, not for home use.

(Submitted on ) | by

was not able to use phone like how sales person explained
was no able to use phone like how I asked salesperson and how salesperson explained

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