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Christina is a former VoIP Supply Product Manager.

I have been working in a product standards position since 1999 when I began my days at Ingram Micro. In the past 10 years I have worked closely with hundreds of tier one manufacturer partners including Samsung, Citrix, Panasonic, PowerDsine, HP, and NEC.

First Look: New Digium Phones for Switchvox and Asterisk

February 2, 2012
What is it?  The new Digium phones are High-Definition IP Phones designed by Digium specifically for Switchvox UC System and Asterisk-based phone systems. There are 3 ... READ MORE

First Look: Panasonic SIP Phones

December 7, 2011
Did you know that Panasonic makes SIP Phones? Me neither, until I received a pack of four to demo in our lab at VoIP Supply. If ... READ MORE

Cisco loves giving away money!

June 21, 2011
When you hear the word 'Cisco' you may think Fortune 100 company, large enterprises, expensive equipment, trusted namebrand... But did you know that Cisco also ... READ MORE

The Future is NOW – Using Switchvox Mobile on your iPhone or Blackberry

November 22, 2010
Are you mobile?  Do your clients have to juggle 2 or more phone numbers to reach you because you are sometimes at your desk but ... READ MORE

Steps to buying the right Polycom phone

November 15, 2010
If you are ready to buy a VoIP phone and have done the research and decided on Polycom, congratulations!  Now you just need to narrow ... READ MORE

Asus Video Phone for Skype – a Hit for Holiday Gift Giving

October 26, 2010
Asus SVIT Video Phone for Skype The Asus SV1T is a standalone Skype video phone which allows you to make free video calls to other Skype ... READ MORE

Plantronics IP40 – The SIP Phone without a Dialpad

October 5, 2010
What is the Plantronics IP40? The Plantronics IP40 is a SIP-based deskphone that comes in a small form factor and no dial pad.  The IP40 supports ... READ MORE

Digium PCI Cards 101 – help for the rest of us…..

September 14, 2010
Are you a telephony tech geek? Well, if you are, you can stop reading this now.  This post is for the REST OF US.  If ... READ MORE

Selecting a USB Phone

July 9, 2010
There are 42 million active Skype users in the world and 15 million users using Skype at any given moment. So it is natural that ... READ MORE