First Look – Elastix ELX-025

February 6, 2013 by Christina Smith

What Is It?

The Elastix ELX-025 is a 1U PBX appliance which can be used as a total UC solution for small and medium businesses. The ELX-025 appliance runs Elastix software, which is a distribution of Asterisk, the free open source PBX software. The Elastix ELX-025 ideally will support up to 100 extensions and 30 concurrent calls.Elastix_ELX25-side

What Does It Do?

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What doesn’t it do? The Elastix ELX-025 is truly a “Unified Communication system”. We hear the UC buzzword everywhere but how many of those solutions labeled UC are really all encompassing of all the ways we communicate? The Elastix platform is.

IP PBX: Embedded into the Elastix system, which is ready for use right out of the box on the ELX-025, is obviously an IP PBX system which will handle up to 30 concurrent VoIP calls and offers standard and advanced features such as Auto Attendants, Voicemail, Dial-By-Name Directory, Music on Hold, Multiple Languages, Ring Groups, Call Queue, Call Waiting, Caller Display, Conference Call, Call Hold/Transfer, Call Park, Call Pickup, Automatic Fax Detection, Remote Management, and Remote Extensions and more.

The Elastix ELX-025 works with most SIP phones and conference phones. Brands that VoIP Supply recommends for easy integration is Grandstream, Yealink and snom.

Instant Messaging: In addition to an IP PBX, the Elastix ELX-025 offers a full featured Instant message service powered by OpenFire. Using the embedded IM service, you can give your company its own chat server that will work with any other Jabber-based or XMPP-based messaging applications, regardless of the endpoint they are working from.

Calendar and Address Book: The ELX-025 offers a Calendar feature for its users allowing them to schedule important meetings or even schedule out their calls for the day. Also, the embedded address book in the ELX-025 allows users to individually add their contacts to the system for easy lookup and access. Users can click to call on the contacts they have created

Email: Using the power of PostFix, Elastix offers an embedded email server. Elastix email supports multiple domains, has a built in webmail client, a spam filter and a remote SMTP relay in the event you need to pass your emails through another service. Access to each service is user definable, so you give your users as much or as little access as you see fit.

Fax: The Elastix ELX-025 includes an embedded fax server powered by HylaFax. The fax server works with your email server to deliver incoming faxes seamlessly to users. The T.38 functionality built into the ELX-025 will allow you to route outbound faxes to an analog gateway for delivery to your clients.

Video: The Elastix ELX-025 allows point to point video communications using SIP or H.323, offering users a more rich communication option. Video communications have proven to be more effective than just voice communication in getting work done more efficiently.

Report Server: The Elastix ELX-025 offers a robust suite of reporting to allow the administrator to monitor performance of the users as well as the PBX. The report server offers such information as which trunks are receiving the highest or lowest call volume so you can make smarter choices about your telephony expenditures. Dive deeper to look at individual usage stats or troubleshoot underlying Asterisk log information for troubleshooting.

Firewall: The built in firewall allows you to set up your own rules, perform an access and security audit, or ensure that your users are using safe practices. This comes in handy if you choose to use your ELX-025 as the full featured UC system that it can be. Sensitive data such as email, contacts, and calendars must be protected!

Additional Add ons: The Elastix UC system includes everything but the kitchen sink! If that is still not good enough for you, we can throw the kitchen sink in too. Elastix offers a wide variety of additional add-ons for their UC system. FREE Elastix Add-ons include Call center module which gives you the ability to allow special ring groups, do not call features, hours of operation support, a predictive dialer, and call center reports. Other free add-ons include Sugar CRM module, video surveillance integration module, Queuemetrics, and more!  Many add-ons such as the call center module are free, others, such as Queuemetrics, you must purchase.


Who Is It For?

The Elastix ELX-025 is for small to medium businesses with up to 100 users making a moderate amount of phone calls. Technically, the Elastix platform can support up to 500 users, but the hardware specifications of the ELX-025 build make it more conducive to small to medium sized businesses.

The ELX-025 is value priced with no additional fees for users or maintenance. When you invest in an Elastix ELX-025, you purchase the hardware and software once. You will never pay to add more users or for the latest firmware release. Updates are free for the life of the product. If you are new to Elastix and may want to customize it to fit a specific need, you may want to purchase additional Elastix Support to get you going. This can be purchased by the hour or by the year. For this reason, the Elastix ELX-025 is suited to businesses looking to make a smart, one time investment without any recurring costs, who are able to customize the platform to meet their specific needs. The Elastix ELX-025 offers the power and low cost of Asterisk with out of the box functionality and simplicity.


The Elastix ELX-025 is offered in 4 configurations. Custom PSTN connectivity can be arranged. The four configurations are listed out under the PSTN Connectivity option of the Elastix ELX-025 page on

  • Elastix ELX-025 with no PSTN connectivity – $1499.99
  • Elastix ELX-025 with 1 T1 Port – $2399.00
  • Elastix ELX-025 with 4 FXO and 1 FXS port – $2199
  • Elastix ELX-025 with 4 FXO, 1 T1, 1 FXS Port – $2499.00

In addition, when you price out your ELX-025, you can add support directly from the folks that wrote the program!
Not sure if you will need it? You can come back later and buy support a la carte with no penalty. Support options include:

  • Supreme Support – Includes up to 30 hours of phone/chat/email support 24/7 for up to 3 ELX servers for 1 year – $2850elastix_support
  • Advanced Support – Includes up to 10 hours of phone/chat/email support 8/5 for 1 ELX server for 1 year – $1317
  • Standard Support – Includes up to 10 hours of chat/email support 8/5 for 1 ELX server for 1 year – $658
  • One Hour Chat Support (24×7) – Includes 1 hour of web-chat support, including remote assistance, available to use 24/7 – $99
  • One-Hour Chat Support (8×5) – Includes 1 hour of web-chat support, including remote assistance, available to use 8/5 – $70


After much anticipation, the Elastix ELX-025 is available and shipping now! Each unit is made to order for your PSTN connectivity, so orders placed after 2PM (EST) may not ship until the next day. Visit the Elastix ELX-025 configurator to build your UC solution today!

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