How to Recycle Old VoIP Equipment

August 14, 2012 by Christina Smith

Reclaim Your Equipment InvestmentIf you are looking to upgrade your VoIP System to a newer one or upgrade your VoIP phones to the latest and greatest, perhaps you have thought about what to do with your old VoIP Equipment.

VoIP Supply is a fantastic place to start your research. VoIP Supply’s Reclaim program buys back old VoIP equipment and gives you credit towards your new VoIP System or VoIP Phones.

How Reclaim Program Works

First, you need to accept the fact that you have old VoIP equipment and you have to want to get rid of it.

There is no room for hoarders in the Reclaim program.  Once you have accepted that fact and are ready to be out with the old, contact our Reclaim Specialist, Mike Rehac. Email him a list of the VoIP equipment that you want to get rid of.

Then, Mike will email or call you back with an offer on your equipment. The value Mike offers you may vary depending on condition of the product and demand for the product.

Once you confirm our offer, you will be immediately redirected to print your prepaid FedEx shipping labels so, we take care of that expense as well!

Once we receive your equipment, we will send you a check or issue you a credit towards your new VoIP hardware.

What Products is Reclaim Looking For?

We will consider purchasing any VoIP products that you may have.  However, if you have any of these following products aging in your on-site hardware graveyard, give us a call because we WANT IT!

  • Cisco SPA504G
  • Cisco SPA2102
  • Polycom IP670
  • Polycom IP650
  • Polycom IP601
  • Polycom IP560
  • Polycom IP550
  • Polycom IP450
  • Polycom IP430
  • Polycom IP335
  • Polycom IP331
  • Polycom IP6000



  • Jerry

    We have several cases of Polycom VVX400/500 cloud based ip phones to donate.
    Yealink T46s /Yealink T48s phones also.

    • Hi Jerry,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. Our manager will reach out to you regarding the phone donation. Thank you very much!


  • Elsie

    WHat do I do with Vonnage Device MOTOROLA
    VT2442, FCI No. 001…Equipment Invoice dated
    10/24/2007…Customer PO No.1WK7L1WT11

    • VoIP Experts

      Hi Elsie,

      You would want to find a technology recycling program near your area! Where are you located?


  • Royce

    What are the security risks associated with recycling old voip phones? And how can my company avoid them while recycling our old equipment?

    • VoIP Experts

      Hi Royce,

      The best way to avoid any possible security risks when replacing old VoIP phones is to simply factory reset the devices prior to disposal.

      However, even if they are not reset, someone attempting to access the hardware would either have to know the admin password, or reset the device(s) themselves, removing any trace data (call logs, voicemail).

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