Abby Johnson of WebProNews interviewed the co-founder of Vonage, Jeff Pulver, about VoIP and how the broadband phone company got its start.

Pulver talks about his roots in amateur radio, the first social media, where he learned to ”listen, connect, share, and engage with people.”

With no background in telecommunications he accepts that he’s known as the “Forrest Gump of communications” but won’t apologize for being lucky.

Instead, Pulver is focused on his fascination of the evolving social web and how people connect with people. 

Having warned phone companies of the challenges they’ll face if they dont understand social media, Pulver’s efforts are now directed to wherever people are having a conversation with iniatives like the 140 Character Conference aimed at the worldwide Twitter community and the effects of real-time internet on businesses.

Some readers have suggested we mix it up a bit. This is the first of a series of alternative interviews we’ll be conducting in the coming months.

How long have you been in VoIP world?

I have been active in the Linux community since around May of 1996. I was actually created by Larry Ewing using the Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). My association with VoIP began around 1999 with the creation of Asterisk Open Source PBX by Mark Spencer. Mark and I hung out a lot back in the day at Auburn University, we played on the same flag football team with the FreeBSD Demon ….we used to date the same girl.

What is it like working as an aquatic, flightless bird in the

I’m always reading about the lack of women in technology and science and the VoIP world in general.  Stacy Higginbotham at GIGAOM does a great job covering technology in general, and brought up a great point in regards to a New York Times article about the decline of women in technology past the age of 30.

I must say, in the world of VoIP blogging, I come across very few women.  At VoIP Supply there are probably only a handful of women, and only one on the sales floor.  This is not the fault of the company that I work for or human resources, it’s a trend spread across the whole industry.  But it is getting better.  Many of my girl friends are engineers, project …

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Hosted IP PBX Solutions Are Growing In Popularity With Small Medium Businesses

garrett smithIn-stat, a market research firm, projects that by 2010, there will be more then 3 Million hosted VoIP seats in the US alone, up from 373,000 in 2006. Fueled by cost savings, the small business market continues to be the hot zone for hosted providers with most deployments in the 20-to-50 seat range. “As business managers assess their resident ability to deploy and manage enterprise-like VoIP services, many are finding themselves lacking the capital and expertise required,” says David Lemelin, In-Stat analyst. “As a result, hosted VoIP solutions are becoming more attractive.”

One such hosted VoIP system provider blazing a trial is Vocalocity. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to …