VoIP Supply, Entrepreneurs Leading the Way in the New Economy

October 14, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

THRIVE! Magazine took the time to acknowledge innovative Western New York companies enhancing the community’s quality of life and adding value to customers:

“We selected a handful of companies both local and locally based, some small, some large that are making a difference. So be inspired that like you, there are people who care about our future as a city and region.”

VoIP Supply was selected as one such company and highlighted in Kyle Patterson’s article, “Innovation,” describing VoIP Supply CEO Ben Sayers’ serial entrepreneur process of capitalizing on emerging markets and creating a company culture that not only survived the economic downturn but thrives in the oft-maligned Buffalo-Niagara region:

“The last place I worked was terrible. I have always loved working. I want to have fun and everyone works better when it’s not a high pressure place. Work hard and play hard is kind of the deal,” said Sayers. In terms of developing further technology companies in our region Sayers says, “I don’t know if there are enough entrepreneurial leadership programs. I think people are afraid.” The solution, Sayers says, is adding more incubators and creating an environment where innovation thrives.

VoIP Supply would like to thank THRIVE! for the recognition by continuing to educate customers and remaining an example of Western New York success.

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