Having visitors drop by the office is nothing new at VoIP Supply, and last week we got to spend the day with SimpleWan’s OEM Manager, Josh Haselhorst.

Josh started off the day by leading some extremely valuable training sessions for our Sales and Marketing Team. Then we were able to enjoy a delicious lunch! Somewhere in between all of the action, we were able to steal Josh away for a quick interview to give you a preview of what they have to offer and what the upcoming webinar will be focused on.

Josh was able to sum up the SimpleWan mission and give some insight on how great it has been to partner with us here at VoIP Supply!

Please check out the interview above, …

In this next installment of our VoIP Blogger Interview Series, we get the perspective of another industry veteran, Peter Radizeski (@radinfo) who has two blogs and runs his own telecom sales and marketing consulting firm, RAD-INFO, Inc.

The bio on his website says, “His honest and direct approach make him a refreshing speaker.”

You’ll find that to be true in this interview too where he doesn’t hold back his opinions on the technology, the players, and what he’d like to see more of.

VoIP Supply: Tell us a little bit about who you are and what your blogs, On RAD’s Radar and NSP Strategist, aim to provide for your audience.

Peter Radizeski: So I worked for a Novell VAR …

Asterisk VoIP Security

When I came across a blog on Huffington Post that called Asterisk out on the security of their open source VoIP platform I just had to know, is this true?

So I asked Asterisk (after I said “asked Asterisk” five times fast) and got this detailed response from David Duffet, Director of Worldwide Asterisk Community.

Duffett (@dduffett) explains that protecting your network is a not whole lot unlike fortifying your house against break-ins.

VoIP Supply: Who is the Asterisk VoIP platform designed for?

David Duffet: The Asterisk IP communications engine is for anyone that wants to create a flexible and powerful communications solution. Asterisk configuration is performed through a number of ascii text files, and this is why a number of …

Office technology is supposed to make our working lives easier but the overwhelming amount of options makes it difficult just choosing the right device.

So where do you turn and who do you trust when you want to know who’s used this stuff before, what works and what doesn’t, and how much hair will I pull out trying to install this thing?

This is when you seek the guidance of a VoIP blogger like Michael Graves (@mjgraves) who runs the site Graves on SOHO Technology. He tests products geared for the small office / home office (SOHO) user and offers you, the reader, a wealth of detailed product reviews, guides and how-to articles, and great hands-on advice.

Graves explained to us …

Earlier this week I had a chance to talk with Simon Horton, Sangoma Director of Product Management. Based out of Sangomas London office, Simon joined Sangoma when they purchased VegaStream who he’d been with since 2003. We talked a little about England’s chances under Hodgson in Brazil 2014, which I ranked at quarterfinals at best but mostly we talked about the new Sangoma Session Border Controllers

This was the first time since the release of the Sangoma Session Border Controllers that I’d had a chance to talk with Simon and get an understanding of what he feels sets the Sangoma SBCs apart from those that are currently available on the market.

Sangoma SBC Blog Banner

VoIP Supply – Before we talk about the new Sangoma Vega Session Border Controllers …

Business FirstBen Sayers, VoIP Supply CEO, recently sat down with Business First reporter David Bertola to talk about how new iterations of a familiar technology are showing signs of growth.

Sayers spoke about video conferencing solutions, which VoIP Supply has sold for the past eight years.

What’s New?

Video communication is now practical for a business of any size because of widespread broadband internet use and the capabilities of new video conferencing devices to stream reliable, high quality video even at low internet speeds.

These advances in video conferencing technology are the catalyst behind the formation of a new division at VoIP Supply.

Video, Simplified

A video solution can be as simple as a laptop with built-in webcam that makes calls through subscription based video …

The timing was perfect when Patton dropped by the VoIP Supply office last week for a visit.Tyler Delin_Prod Mgr_Patton

A webinar is airing on Tuesday, May 22nd that explains the symbiotic relationship between Patton gateways and 3CX VoIP phone systems.  Or, rather, how to get started with VoIP.

So with the event right around the corner, it was a great chance to bluntly ask Tyler Delin, Patton’s Product Manager, “Why should customers choose Patton?”   And instead of a canned response that their stuff “just works” (Well, he did say that but, more eloquently and with a deeper explanation), Delin told me more about the company than I thought I wanted to know.

The wealth of information he provided about Patton gateway performance should be a great …

THRIVE! Magazine took the time to acknowledge innovative Western New York companies enhancing the community’s quality of life and adding value to customers:

“We selected a handful of companies both local and locally based, some small, some large that are making a difference. So be inspired that like you, there are people who care about our future as a city and region.”

VoIP Supply was selected as one such company and highlighted in Kyle Patterson’s article, “Innovation,” describing VoIP Supply CEO Ben Sayers’ serial entrepreneur process of capitalizing on emerging markets and creating a company culture that not only survived the economic downturn but thrives in the oft-maligned Buffalo-Niagara region:

“The last place I worked was terrible. I have always loved working. I want to

entrepreneur-startups-fall_2011Want to become your own boss?

Read Nancy Mann Jackson’s, How to Become Your Own Boss, in Entrepreneur’s StartUps Magazine for a nice primer on what you’ll need and experience on your journey to self-dependency.

VoIP Supply’s CEO Ben Sayers contributes his insight to the article by sharing some wise counsel he’s gleaned from his entrepreneurial experience.

How has Sayers and, in turn, VoIP Supply become successful?  By not only listening to expert advice but by embracing the experiences of those who’ve been there before.

Click here to read the full article.

Via Entrepreneur’s StartUps Magazine

MO.com, the publication that explores what makes entrepreneur’s tick and their method of operating, has interviewed VoIP Supply’s founder and CEO Ben Sayers.

Mike Sullivan of MO.com takes a look into how Sayers has built VoIP Supply into North America’s  leading VoIP supplier including maintaining growth through the recent economic downturn.

As one of the Best Places to Work in Western New York, Sayers explains what makes VoIP Supply stand out, the unique model for customer service, and what the future holds for VoIP technology and the company as a whole.…