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Video Conferencing has VoIP Supply Seeing Double, Business First Explains

June 6, 2012
Ben Sayers, VoIP Supply CEO, recently sat down with Business First reporter David Bertola to talk about how new iterations of a familiar technology are showing ... READ MORE

Patton Interview Explains Why Gateways are "Set It and Forget It"

May 21, 2012
The timing was perfect when Patton dropped by the VoIP Supply office last week for a visit. A webinar is airing on Tuesday, May 22nd that ... READ MORE

VoIP Supply, Entrepreneurs Leading the Way in the New Economy

October 14, 2011
THRIVE! Magazine took the time to acknowledge innovative Western New York companies enhancing the community's quality of life and adding value to customers: "We selected a handful ... READ MORE

VoIP Supply CEO Shares Sage Advice With Entrepreneur’s StartUps Magazine

October 12, 2011
Want to become your own boss? Read Nancy Mann Jackson's, How to Become Your Own Boss, in Entrepreneur's StartUps Magazine for a nice primer on what you'll need and experience ... READ MORE

Growing and Succeeding Are Not Always Going in the Same Direction

September 6, 2011, the publication that explores what makes entrepreneur's tick and their method of operating, has interviewed VoIP Supply's founder and CEO Ben Sayers. Mike Sullivan of ... READ MORE

Unified Communications Not Just For Saving Money Anymore

August 16, 2011
VoIP Supply's CMO Garrett Smith shared his thoughts recently with TMC's CEO Rich Tehrani about how recent trends are affecting VoIP equipment.  Smith will be speaking at ... READ MORE

National Broadband Plan Bad For Business?

August 12, 2011
The U.S. government's National Broadband Plan aims to stimulate the economy by mandating universal broadband and mobile broadband access. Criticism of this plan is growing explains Phil Britt of ... READ MORE Highlights VoIP Supply’s CEO, Ben Sayers

May 31, 2011
In the article "How the Recession Saved One Company" highlights our CEO and founder, Ben Sayers. Part of's "Small Business Comebacks" series, the article takes a look ... READ MORE

Flightless, Aquatic Mammals in VoIP: Tux the Penguin

June 20, 2008
Some readers have suggested we mix it up a bit. This is the first of a series of alternative interviews we'll be conducting in ... READ MORE

Women in VoIP: The Series

May 30, 2008
I'm always reading about the lack of women in technology and science and the VoIP world in general.  Stacy Higginbotham at GIGAOM does a great ... READ MORE