Unified Communications Not Just For Saving Money Anymore

August 16, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

VoIP Supply’s CMO Garrett Smith shared his thoughts recently with TMC’s CEO Rich Tehrani about how recent trends are affecting VoIP equipment. 

Smith will be speaking at next month’s ITEXPO about the benefits of unified communictions for business and explained to Tehrani why it’s important

“Most organizations used to think of IP based communications as a way to save money, but today it’s really more about what IP/unified communications can enable from an efficiency and productivity standpoint.

Properly integrating and deploying unified communications is still a hurdle for some, but the potential benefits that come from leveraging it definitely justify the costs.”

The Cell Phone Effect & Disruptive Forces

In the last few years the applications for VoIP technology have evolved while the VoIP hardware has remained relatively unchanged.  There’s now a growing demand for mobile VoIP solutions that’s isn’t just limited to road warriors and international callers.  Smith calls this the “cell phone effect,” whereby intra-office users feel the need to be constantly connected. 

Read Carrie Schmelkin’s full transcript of the interview, VoIP Equipment Leader VoIP Supply Readies for ITEXPO, for more on the rising mobile VoIP demand and why hosted and cloud-based communication services are the next disruptive force in technology.

Don’t forget to catch Garrett Smith as he makes the business case for VoIP and UC at the ITEXPO next month on September 14, 2011.

Via TMCnet

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  • That is such great support for IP phone systems and why they’re a must. Not the cost cuts, but efficiency. The two come hand-in-hand. Being more efficient will cut costs just as much as a piece of technology will. The only difference is it benefits the product you produce more.

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