What Is It?

The new Digium Gateways are an alternative to installing Digium TDM cards into your server when bridging the PSTN to a SIP environment, or vice versa.

Harness the power of Digium TDM cards in a standalone appliance with no fans or moving parts to convert PSTN to SIP without using precious server resources.

What Does It Do?

Digium single T1 or dual T1 gateways can be used to bridge the PSTN with an IP PBX, to use an ITSP for SIP trunking with a legacy analog PBX, or to migrate to VoIP slowly by bridging the PSTN with both an analog PBX and an IP PBX.  

The Digium gateway is also an ideal appliance for bridging remote sites with a central PBX.

The Digium G100 and Digium G200 gateways offer:

  • Digium-g100-g200-gatewaysAutomatic call type detection (voice, modem, fax) and…
  • Answer and disconnect supervision
  • Trunk group support
  • Dial plan support
  • Caller ID name and number
  • Fax and modem support (T.38 and G.711 pass through)

The Digium G100 and G200 gateways also provide pass through support for calls to toll free, local, and emergency service numbers.

Digium SIP Gateways are currently offered in a single T1 deployment (G100) or a dual T1 model (G200) and provide support for multiple SIP endpoints. It includes the 100-240 VAC power supply and has onboard echo cancellation.

Who Is It For?

The Digium G100 and G200 gateways are for simple TDM to IP conversion.  They are available at a price point almost half of its competitors.  They are standards based and should work with any vendor that is also compliance based.

The G100 will support up to 30 simultaneous SIP Calls and the G200 will support up to 60 simultaneous calls. Although there is a limit to how many SIP to SIP calls each appliance can do simultaneously, there is no limit to how many SIP endpoints can be configured on the appliance.

Because of the simplicity of installation, configuration, and use, the Digium SIP gateway can be used for anybody who is looking for simple TDM to IP conversion, but doesn’t want to install TDM cards into a server. 

Who Isn’t It For?

I am sure you may have noticed that the Digium G100 and G200 gateways are quite a bit less expensive than competitor gateways. The main function of the Digium gateway is TDM to SIP conversion.

There are some limitations.

The Digium G100 and G200 are not an edge device. They have no firewall or router capabilities – yet. That said, if you need a gateway that can perform these functions now, you should look at an AudioCodes or an Edgewater gateway.

Stay tuned for the next release of Digium gateways, which will have router and firewall capabilities integrated.


The Digium G100 and G200 gateways are available to ship immediately!

Posted on March 21, 2012 at 06:00 AM



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