In April it was announced that a new app from T-Mobile called Bobsled would allow users to make free VoIP calls through Facebook.

Turns out that announcement was a little premature as the service was shelved within a week of its launch due to confusion that Bobsled was actually an official Facebook program.

But, T-Mobile is expected to bring back the VoIP service early next week.  Thanks to FiecreMobileContent for the update and you can read more here and here.…

Today’s empowered employees are more mobile than ever. This is a trend that is expected to continue as collaboration technologies enable experiences independent of workspace or modality.  Today’s IP phone (at least many Cisco models) provides much more than tip and ring functionality which means, only plain old voice.

If you’ve visited a local Best Buy store recently, you may have observed a retail employee using a Cisco Unified IP Phone to perform timecard functions.  Cisco phones are also used for inventory management or supply chain functions in manufacturing or other retail settings.  In healthcare, a Cisco Unified IP Phone can provide doctors with alerts on patient status and specific medical instructions.

Lastly, there’s something to be said about voice quality and service availability. In …

I’m a mobile VoIP fan boy.

I’ve been interested in the Mobile VoIP industry since the beginning.

I’m also a fan of making money.

Which has always left me amazed at fring. If you’re not familiar with fring, its a mobile communication service that gives users internet-rich communication from their mobile phones.

fring members make FREE video calls, voice calls, live chat to other fringsters and to friends on other social networks.

Over the last few years fring has amassed millions of users, but hasn’t directly charged them.

That’s great for the users. But free isn’t a business.

It appears that they’ve brought in some revenues over the last few years from licensing its software to wireless carriers. They’ve even done ads within the client.…

That’s exactly what Duetsche Telekom, T-Mobile parent and one of the world’s largest mobile operators, is doing.

Duetsche Telekom, which until today had banned access to VoIP services over their wireless networks, has announced new plans that will allow it’s users to pay an additional fee for the ability to place VoIP calls. The plans, which start at EUR 9.99, will be tiered based on usage.

This news is a victory for consumers (and mobile VoIP providers) who’ve been snubbed by carriers and a sign that the “tides are continuing to change” with respects to mobile carrier bans on VoIP services. Some may argue that VoIP is just an application or utility, like Google, and thus shouldn’t have to pay extra to use it.

I …

You’ve probably seen lots of talk here on the VoIP Insider about HDVoice, Wideband VoIP, G.722 Codec, etc. Lead by VoIP endpoint manufacturers including Polycom, Snom, Audiocodes, Cisco and others, the VoIP industry at large is gearing up to push “High Definition Voice” in a big way.

Industry analysts are also evangelizing wideband audio technology. Jeff Pulver’s HD Communications Summit recently convened on May 21st in NYC, a gathering of like-minded technology vendors and technorati pontificating on the ramifications of wideband audio and telephony.

I have experienced HD audio firsthand on Polycom’s VVX1500 and their other HDVoice capable models, as well as Audiocodes’ new 320HD, and the difference between 16K “HD” and 8K traditional audio clarity is indeed striking.

In …

TCM Mobile, a relatively unknown outfit, has launched the first ever VoIP based cellular system right down the road from VoIP Supply in Syracuse, New York.

Officially announced last week, TCM Mobile’s patent-pending technology utilizes unlicensed 2.4 GHz spectrum to provide cellular service using VoIP (2.4 GHz is typically used for Wi-Fi networks) . The technology, which overcomes the challenges of interference, seamless roaming and network performance was recently put to the test in down town Syracuse.

According to TCM Mobile officials the testing went better then expected.

“TCM Mobile has resolved the major challenges associated with developing this type of system, such as eliminating interference, roaming seamlessly (seamless hand-off) and creating a successful network architecture. We are proud to announce that we

This morning the Gartner group dropped some hot new knowledge on us about the growing threat mobile VoIP presents to incumbent carriers.

Wait. That’s nothing new. We’ve known about that for years.

Gartner’s announcement did shed light on what they consider the actual market opportunity for mobile VoIP services to be, however, as well as where these where all these mobile VoIP minutes will be originating from.

  • According to Gartner research director Akshay Sharma, in ten years more than half of mobile voice traffic will be carried end-to-end using VoIP. That’s approximately $345 billion dollars worth of minutes.
  • Of this mobile voice traffic, 30 percent will be driven through third parties such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and others who will look to add voice as

SIPDroid is a java based, open source SIP client that has recently been developed for use with mobile devices based on Google’s Android platform.

Based upon a Java SIP stack contributed by MJSip, SIPDroid is currently in public beta.

The SIPDroid Users forum can be found here. The SIPDroid Developers forum is located here.

From the website:
After completion of the closed alpha stage this project will publish the software for free under the terms of GNU General Public License v3. The first beta version will be for software testing. So please allow for some issues and incompatibilities at the beginning.

Although SIPDroid will likely mature quickly, it is currently only fully supported using virtual PBX service from offers …

skype for iphoneAs I covered yesterday, the native Skype client for the iPhone was released today.

Being both a Skype and iPhone user I grab the new Skype client this morning. Before making any test calls or messages, I decided to give the Skype client a quick “feature spin.”

Skype for iPhone feature overview

After a quick download from the app store I found that the Skype for iPhone client allows Skype users to:

  • Call other Skype users
  • Call out via SkypeOut
  • Manage your contacts
  • View chats and calling history
  • View and edit your account information

Missing from Skype’s native desktop functionality is:

  • Ability to purchase SkypeOut credit directly
  • SMS messaging
  • Conference calling
  • Voicemail retrieval
  • Video
  • File transfers

There are likely a few others, but those …

The wait is finally over

It’s looks like your wait for a native Skype client for the iPhone will be over tomorrow.

The folks at Cnet are reporting that the native Skype for iPhone application will be officially announced at CITA 2009 on Tuesday. The native Skype client has been in demand from users since the launch of Apple’s app store in July of 2008.

Skype for iPhone’s impact

Over the last eight months of number of up-start mobile VoIP providers such as Truphone, Fring and Nimbuzz have tried to satisfy iPhone user’s insatiable appetite for Skype by integrating Skype into their own clients, but have had mixed results.

While there’s no hard data as to how much Skype usage is passing through third party …