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Truphone Wins Best For iPhone, Where Are The Others?

September 8, 2008
The London Times has named Truphone, the "BEST (MOBILE VOIP) FOR THE IPHONE" Beating out other Mobile VoiP services such as Skype,, NimBuzz and ... READ MORE

Potatoes and Tomatoes: The Varieties of Mobile VoIP

September 3, 2008
Every week a new company offering Mobile VoIP service seems to launch. However, most of these companies are not what I consider true Mobile VoIP. ... READ MORE

Nokia Dumps VoIP (Update)

August 26, 2008
Yesterday I wrote a post entitled, "Nokia Dumps VoIP" that highlighted the fact that Nokia had withheld the native Nokia SIP client, the one which ... READ MORE

Nokia Dumps VoIP

August 25, 2008
It looks like that for the near term the fairy tale relationship between Nokia and VoIP has ended. Om Malik first reported last week that ... READ MORE

Professor Plum in the Ballroom with the Rope: The Who, Where, and How of Mobile VoIP.

August 8, 2008
There has been a lot of debate lately regarding the new Speedo swimsuits worn by swimmers in the lead up to the Olympics. The suits ... READ MORE

Vonage Pro Is Not Mobile VoIP

August 5, 2008
A week or so ago Vonage launched a new set of pay for features called Vonage Pro. It was an interesting combination of "revolutionary" things ... READ MORE

Voice: The Killer Mobile App (Plus Others I Like)

July 17, 2008
If you know me and read enough of my posts, you already know that I am a Mobile VoIP fan boy, so it should come ... READ MORE

Nimbuzz Leveraging Asterisk, OpenSER and other OSS Technologies

July 16, 2008
According to an iLocus interview of Nimbuzz CEO EJ Lugt, the Nimbuzz platform makes use of Asterisk, OpenSER and other open source software. What about the ... READ MORE

TruPhone for iPhone – Review Redux

July 15, 2008
Set about writing up a TruPhone review earlier this morning, and ran into a snag. Impressively, TruPhone helf desk manager Katie Brimble responded to my initial ... READ MORE

Truphone for iPhone Non Review

Having recently endured the painful process of updating my 1st generation iPhone to Apple's 2.0 firmware revision, I was excited to test out a native ... READ MORE
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