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October 4, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

By using Wi-Fi to communicate on your phone you can save precious minutes on your calling plan and avoid additional fees. 

Using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop phone’s internet connection  is a great inexpensive or free way to take advantage of a second phone line. 

With improved latency, here are a few popular apps (for iPhone and Android) that make Wi-Fi calling practical:


Download the free Line2 app to get a number to begin your unlimited texting and calling in the US and Canada.  There is a free trial period but, Line2 service is a paid monthly plan starting at $9.95/month that provides a new local number or transfer an existing number, visual voicemail, and conference calling.  Upgrading your plan adds a toll-free number, virtual receptionist, auto attendant, and more.

Click here to see how people use Line2.

The Tru App

Boasting international “low-cost internet calls to any landline or mobile using the Tru App,” this mobile app from Tru (formerly Truphone) also offers some free texting and instant messaging plus free calls to other users of Tru, Skype, and Google Voice depending on your device.

The monthly plan is $12.95/month, the app can display your phone number or get a Tru number, and calls can still be made even if you’re not in Wi-Fi or 3G range.

Click here to check which Tru App features are supported on your device and click here for all the Tru App rates.

Skype Mobile

Not just for video chatting, Skype has mobile apps that can be delivered right to your device via SMS or get a Skype To Go number that requires no download to make calls from your moible phone.

Skype mobile offers free Skype-to-Skype calling and IM plus calls to international phones priced per minute, per month, or prepaid using Skype credit.

Google Voice for Mobile

While free on the surface, Google Voice for Mobile (accessed from your phones mobile browser via gives you visual voicemail and free text messaging sent from this app but it will use your calling plan’s minutes to make calls from your Google Voice number.

To make VoIP calls you’ll need to combine Google Voice with another VoIP app such as Groove IP, Sipdroid, Talkatone, or Line2 (mentioned above) depending on your device.

What’s Your Favorite Mobile VoIP App?

There are certainly a lot more apps to choose from.  For a more detailed look into the ones mentioned above, check out Michelle Mastin’s breakdown at “Save Money and Get a Second Line by Making Calls Over Wi-Fi.”  And let us know which mobile VoIP app works best for you in the comments below.

via PCWorld


  • Blane Pressler

    My experience is all application are the same. The difference is only that of user interface. We can select any application that we consider easy to use. However, free applications like google messenger should not be used because they offer very few facilities. Companies like skype are least focused on the security. With these applications, VoIP service is also important. Regular VoIP service providers like Axvoice, vonage etc. provide a sound data security system. However, The best way to select an app is to ask your voip service provider. The service provider will tell you which application works better with his calling solution.

  • Mobile Voip calls are becoming increasingly popular, and it will continue to grow and become an important corporate tool through the years

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