Like many companies RCA is embracing VoIP but their switch is a little different, they are making VoIP phones.

While the RCA name isn’t one that will be new to people thanks to their history in the entertainment technologies industry, the announcement earlier this year that they were releasing three VoIP phones may have been a bit of a surprise to some people. When I had the chance to speak with Mark Pollock, Senior Director of Sales – North America RCA Business Phones, I asked him about why RCA decided to enter the VoIP market and about their plans going forward.


VoIP Supply – Many people may not be aware that RCA has been in the telephony business for quite some time now.  Most

Throughout the month, I have been conducting a series of reviews of our most popular IP PBX’s.  I spoke about 3CX, the Windows-based IP PBX software that entered into the arena in 2008 and is quickly growing­. I also mentioned Elastix, which is an Asterisk-based platform that is still purely open-sourced which has been quickly gaining popularity, especially among the budget-conscious crowd.  The capstone of my review is Switchvox by Digium. Switchvox, like Elastix, is an Asterisk-based platform which was developed by Four Loop Technologies and perfected by Digium in 2007.

switchvox-solutionSwitchvox is a commercial version of Asterisk, so the source code is no longer open. Switchvox offers a polished, clean, and professional packaging of Asterisk amazement. VoIP Supply uses Switchvox as our…

Over the summer the Democratic presidential campaign contacted VoIP Supply for help with setting up their call centers.

We’re always honored to be trusted with a large job and it was a great opportunity to provide a phone system comprised of several hundred 8-port and 24-port FXS VoIP Gateways and some basic phones:

President Obama Likes VoIP Supply’s Phones and Gateways

VoIP Supply was confident that this phone system would work just fine for their application. What we didn’t expect was President Obama to try it out for himself.

But, here he is visiting a Virginia campaign office, surprising the workers with pizza, and jumping on the phones VoIP …

For those of us who live strictly in the VoIP phone world RCA may not be a familiar name when it comes to product lines. Take a step back from the VoIP corner of the world and you see they are the largest manufacturer in the multi-line and DECT analog phone market. Within their family of analog phones they have a selection of innovative phones from multi line desktop phones to phones that are paired with a DECT handset and headset.

The two newest releases, RCA IP110 and RCA IP120, take a step out of the analog world and firmly into the VoIP phone world.

What Is It?


Reclaim Your Equipment InvestmentIf you are looking to upgrade your VoIP System to a newer one or upgrade your VoIP phones to the latest and greatest, perhaps you have thought about what to do with your old VoIP Equipment.

VoIP Supply is a fantastic place to start your research. VoIP Supply’s Reclaim program buys back old VoIP equipment and gives you credit towards your new VoIP System or VoIP Phones.

How Reclaim Program Works

First, you need to accept the fact that you have old VoIP equipment and you have to want to get rid of it.

There is no room for hoarders in the Reclaim program.  Once you have accepted that fact and are ready to be out with the old, contact our Reclaim Specialist, Mike Rehac. Email …

Too often we get caught up with the newest releases from manufactures but fail to show products that are discontinued their due respect. Since there isn’t a budding market for vintage VoIP phones or antique analog telephone adapters, most are destined to be unceremoniously phased out and scrapped without a second thought. With this in mind I thought I would take a step back to take a look at two phones that were recently discontinued.

The Discontinued

Aastra 6757i CT Aastra 9480i CTAastra has announced that they are discontinuing the popular Aastra 6757i CT and Aastra 9480i CT VoIP phones. The reason for the phones being discontinued is a supply issues with one of the critical components related to the CT handset. This issue only affects the CT versions and …

polycom_vvx_500With many different kinds of telecom solutions available to homes and businesses, today’s buyer might be wondering why they should invest in a brand new multimedia VoIP phone.

These new products actually have many specific benefits for today’s market, some related to user-friendly design and others offering specific opportunities to bring down costs for commercial operations.

Here are some of the main reasons why so many buyers are jumping on the bandwagon and making a play for a new multimedia VoIP phone with many of the capabilities of a conventional 3G or 4G enabled smartphone.…

With the emergence of multimedia video phones, audiovisual phone calls have finally become a mainstream part of the consumer tech world.

dick tracyFor those who remember Dick Tracy’s famous videophone wristwatch, new multimedia VoIP phones usher in a new era of video enabled talk, making what was previously a science fiction literary device an actual available technology.

What’s a Multimedia VoIP Phone?

Essentially, a multimedia VoIP phone is any kind of device that adds visual or multimedia functionality to a conventional VoIP phone line.

Multimedia phones came about with the emergence of advanced cell phone technologies, new VoIP phone systems, and as the market share for traditional landline phones continues to ebb away (and public payphones near extinction).

Multimedia VoIP phones are part of a …

When I say AudioCodes you say Gateways . . . AudioCodes . . . Gateways . . . AudioCodes . . . Gateways . . . but there is so much more to AudioCodes then gateways and the latest announcement from AudioCodes proves that point.

Today they announced the latest addition to their family of VoIP phones with the AudioCodes 420HD.

AudioCodes-420HD-IP-PhonesWhat Is It?

The AudioCodes 420HD is a two line HD VoIP phone available in both black and white and has a 128×48 graphical LCD display.

The 420HD features:

  • A full duplex speakerphone.
  • Dual LAN/WAN 10/100 RJ-45 ports.
  • PoE enabled but, does not ship with an AC power supply.

Who Is It For?

Seeing that it is a 2 line phone that supports HD …

Nobody likes being told that if they want to use “x” phone system they have to use “x” phones.  When a decision maker hears that they have no choice in what phones they use, they seem to want a different type of phone just out of spite. It’s like going to a restaurant and seeing the words “No Substitutions” on the menu…

Luckily, Switchvox by Digium is an open sourced platform with an Asterisk core which allows you to use just about any SIP phone that will work with Asterisk. However, for people who breathe a little easier when their entire solution is single-branded, now Digium offers there own brand of phone that works seemlessly with Switchvox (and any other Asterisk deployment, too, but here …