5 Cost-Effective Features to Improve Communication in 2023

December 29, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

2023 is just around the corner! It’s time to explore some unique features that will help your team improve communications:

  1. Snom M55 

Snom’s M55 comes with the Busy Monitoring feature which allows you to monitor other users within the M500 Pro DECT Multicell Base Station. Now you can see who is available or who is on a call!

  1. Snom M58

Did you know that Snom’s M58 is HAC (Hearing-aid Compatibility) compliant? HAC compliant phones can reduce the likelihood of causing interference noise in hearing aids! 

  1. Grandstream GRP2600

Check out Grandstream’s award-winning GRP Series of Carrier-Grade IP Phones that enables them to use 65% less energy!

GRP2600 Series firmware version will reduce the energy consumption of your IP phone deployments, allowing you to build greener workstations that save money. 

  1. Fanvil A32i

Don’t miss out on this cool feature of Fanvil’s A32i! With Unmanned Mode, Fanvil’s A32i can be connected to the mobile phone, realizing the remote control of the system by the administrator, and providing easier real-time management.

  1. CyberData 011214 

Did you know that Cyberdata’s 011214 Outdoor Intercom supports SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony) in a Cisco environment?

SRST takes full advantage of a remote site’s existing network to provide multi-feature redundancy for centralized Cisco call-processing deployments during WAN link failures. 

Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) offers:

  • Business resiliency through redundant, localized call processing
  • Intelligent and automatic failover configuration without manual IT or telecom intervention
  • Cost-effective operations through a converged voice and data network
  • Centralized IP telephony configuration and management
  • Investment protection and simplified migration

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