Revolabs flx_meeting_setting_3What Is It?

The innovative Revolabs FLX System is the only wireless VoIP conference phone on the market today.

Revolabs is the premier audio solutions provider of wireless unified communications products that allow you to cut the cord and create free-flowing workspaces.

What Does It Do?

Used for both audio and video communications, the Revolabs FLX now benefits from Revolabs’ revolutionary audio technology that was once reserved for the largest of conference rooms and board rooms.

Now, with the FLX, small to medium-sized conference rooms, executive offices, or home offices can leverage the best audio quality with the freedom of wireless mobility.

Who Is It For?Revolabs FLX Dialer

Not your traditional conference phone, the Revolabs FLX system is a dual-purpose solution eliminating the need for a separate …

What is it?

CloudTC GlassThe CloudTC Glass 1000 is a touch screen desktop VoIP phone running on the Android OS platform.

With Android’s open-platform, the CloudTC Glass is just like any other smartphone that, with the addition of new business apps, will continue to evolve as your needs change making it virtually future-proof.

What does it do?

The CloudTC Glass aims to make your work life easier.  According to CloudTC tests, their studies show that just by using the Glass 1000′s touch screen for phone tasks, you can save 30 minutes a day.

That’s one half hour extra per day you can spend conducting actual business on the phone (like checking March Madness updates on Twitter or Facebooking friends from that handy touch screen).

The CloudTC Glass 1000 main features include:

  • Google Android 2.1 operating system.

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Cisco bundles aren’t just UC solutions but also 10 packs of the hugely popular SPA504, SPA303, and SPA525G2 phones.

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Why We Love Spectralink

What’s not to love… all the mobility of a cell phone in a secure VoWiFi handset that we can hang on a lanyard or clip onto our belt.  With the introduction of the Spectralink 8440  and Spectralink 8450 we have HD Voice, a color choice, and a cool user interface and even the ability to barcode scan right into our laptops. 

Now the Spectralink WiFi phone by Polycom is even more verticalized for Healthcare and Manufacturing applications while still being perfect and slick looking for hospitality and retail.  


Why We (I) Hate Spectralink

I  hate talking into a phone. Period. I hate holding a phone to my ear. It is cumbersome, I need my hands for doing my job, not holding my …

Note:  This is the 2nd installment in the Wireless VoIP Office Systems series.  Click here for Part I.

When you’re designing a wireless VoIP office system there are two types of wireless VoIP phones to consider, as outlined in the previous post;  DECT and Wi-Fi. 

Since we have DECT installation details already covered in a guest post series by Polycom, I’d like to specifically highlight Wi-Fi phones.

Fans of DECT systems like that the phones run on their own frequency and are more resistant to interference from other wireless devices.  If you’re happy with your WLAN the way it is and would like to get more use out of it, have no interest in adding new infrastructure specifically for DECT, and just need a quick wireless solution than Wi-Fi VoIP

What is it? 

Digium PhonesThe new Digium phones are High-Definition IP Phones designed by Digium specifically for Switchvox UC System and Asterisk-based phone systems. There are 3 phones in the series, the Digium D70, D50, and D40.

What does it do?

The Digium phones connect seemlessly to any Asterisk-based phone system, including Switchvox, Digium’s UC System.  When connected to an Asterisk Phone System, Digium Phones offer a user friendly calling experience complete with HD Voice Wideband and access to user created apps and call rules, directly from the phone. 

Being created by Digium specifically for Asterisk, Digium phones may very well have the easiest plug and play of any IP Phone. Simply plug the Digium phone into the network and the phone will automagically …

polycom_vvx_500Unified Communications (UC) touts universal access across all mediums so why not have a little interface unity across those devices? 

The Polycom VVX 500 is a sleek new HD voice VoIP phone offering a familiar touch screen experience.  A touch screen experience that’s so familiar I’m confident that even my iPad toting dad can use this phone with little to no training. 

Time Saver

Time saving is Polycom’s goal for the VVX 500 through a small learning curve, desktop and mobile device integration, and fingertip access to your information.  The VVX 500’s 3.5 inch touch screen provides a quick look at your synced calendar, contacts, and streaming media (news, sports, weather, stocks) to give you a jump on your day while your computer boots up.


Billed as …

Did you know that Panasonic makes SIP Phones? Me neither, until I received a pack of four to demo in our lab at VoIP Supply. If you have been using Grandstream, Yealink, Aastra, or Polycom, you owe yourself a peek at the Panasonic SIP Phone Lineup.

What Makes Panasonic the Same

Just like the others out there, Panasonic offers all the great features you have come to expect in a decent SIP Phone:

  • PoE
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet PortsPanasonic
  • HD Voice
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Call Waiting
  • BLF
  • Three-Way Conference
  • Integration with other IP-Enabled devices such as intercoms, cameras, and door phones.

The Deskphone Linecard currently has four models available ranging from entry level to management-type. The Panasonic SIP lineup even includes a DECT phone. The Panasonic KX-TGP550 is …

Officially announced today and scheduled to be available by mid-12/2011, the snom 720 and snom 760 are the two newest VoIP phones from snom. They also launch the newest series of snom phones, the snom 7xx series.

First Glance

At first glance these new snom phones look quite similar to the snom 8xx but the two most noticeable differences are the new gray color scheme and the quantity of programmable LED function keys. The snom 720 has 3 rows of 6 for a total of 18 while the snom 760 has 2 rows of 6 for a total 12.  

The keys can be used for shared line appearances, busy lamp field, transferring calls and many more functions. While this may seem a bit quaint …

We know that being a startup is hard which is why we’re not content with just giving you a few phone system options as we did in our initial post, “What are the Best Phone Systems for Start-Ups?”

It’s time to add a sequel to that list and provide you with some more great options that will beat many of the traditional phone systems you’ve been considering.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at just a couple of the options below and you’ll see that we mean business. Here are some of the best VoIP phones that a startup can use with hosted VoIP systems:…