How to Make a Broadcast Call with Fanvil’s V67 IP Phone

March 11, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Do you often need to make broadcast calls to people in a group? You will love the multicast feature on Fanvil’s V67 IP phone!

How does the multicast feature work?

Users can configure a multicast DSS Key on the V67 phone, which allows users to send a Real TimeTransport Protocol (RTP) stream to the pre-configured multicast address without involving SIP signaling. 

Users can also configure the V67 to receive an RTP stream from a pre-configured multicast listening address without involving SIP signaling. You can set up to 10 multicast listening addresses.

How to set up the multicast feature on Fanvil’s V67 IP Phone

Here are the steps you need to do to enable the multicast feature:

  •  Go to [Function Key] >> [Function Key] , select the type to multicast, set the multicast address, and select the codec.  
  • Click Apply.  
  • Set up the name, host and port of the receiving multicast on the web page of [PhoneSettings] >> [MCAST].  
  • Press the DSSKEY of the Multicast Key which you set.  
  • Receiver will receive a multicast call and play multicast automatically.

Here are the parameters and description:

That’s it! Fanvil’s V67 is the flagship phone of the new V Series IP phones. Click here to learn more about other cool features!

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