6 Useful VoIP Features Hidden in Plain Sight

March 28, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Think you know about all of the VoIP features? Let’s test it… I bet you will find some useful features that you didn’t know about!

  1. CyberData 011530

Let’s begin with CyberData’s latest innovation, the 011530 hand-waving doorphone! CyberData’s 011530 is a gesture/activated device delivering touch-free two-way communication and secure access control.

This zero-touching feature will help prevent the spread of diseases in high-traffic settings such as medical facilities, schools and more. Very cool, huh?

  1. Yealink BH72

If you are using your headset for both music and calls, don’t miss out on Yealink’s BH72 Microsoft Teams Headset! It supports dynamic EQ that automatically switches between call mode and music mode! This makes it so easy for multi-taskers like you.

  1. Yealink CP965

More and more businesses conduct hybrid meetings now, and that’s where Yealink’s CP965 comes into play! The CP965 Conference Phone allows users to connect mobile devices via Bluetooth or USB for hybrid UC meetings! Learn more here.

  1. Fanvil i64

You don’t need to compromise your image quality at night! Did you know that Fanvil’s i64 door phone comes with an infrared night-vision camera? This will ensure you have clear video images even in the dark! 

  1. Jabra PanaCast 20 

How good is AI for Zoom meetings? Try PanaCast 20! The PanaCast 20 camera comes with an intuitive AI-driven Intelligent Zoom that will automatically follow your moments, perfectly framing you, whatever you’re doing! 

This makes your virtual meetings as clear as possible and it feels just like you are right there in person!

  1. Adtran NetVanta 4148

Thinking about adding another layer of security? Check out Adtran’s NetVanta 4148 Router! It is capable of providing an inherent URL-filtering package without the use of an external server. 

Users can easily add another level of security that allows system administrators to restrict Internet access by permitting or denying specific URLs!

What do you think about these cool features? Do you know any surprising VoIP features you’d like to share with us? Leave us a comment below!

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