Workdays can get pretty overwhelming at times, so if there is any help we can get to ease some of the stress that comes with a 40 plus hour work week, we’ll take it!

Help can come from anywhere around the office, whether it’s from a coworker, a certain computer program, or even something as simple as a stack of sticky notes. But, what if I told you that you may have some shortcuts laying around your desk that you are overlooking?

In fact, there may be one shortcut inside your phone that can speed up the dialing process. It may seem small, but if your job requires you to make numerous outcalls, then you might want to want to take advantage.

grandstream-gxp1760The phone feature …

Wifi phones are becoming more popular in the workplace. This is especially true in warehouse and hospital settings.

If you work in a hospital, having a WiFi phone allows you to carry your phone on you at all times. This is a very important feature because it can eliminate the need to be paged, and having to continually check a desk phone for messages and missed calls, which can become daunting.

If you are in a large warehouse setting, then you know how frustrating it can be when you are across the room from a ringing desk phone. WiFi phones help solve this problem by allowing you to answer a call from anywhere, which can boost productivity instantly!

One of the more popular WiFi phones …

If you are looking for an upgrade to your average desk phone at work, then look no further than the Grandstream GXV3275. This phone is basically an android tablet with a handset, and it’s awesome.

gxv3275One of the more popular features on this phone is the ability to use Widgets. Apply these widgets to your home screen and transform your phone into so much more. Having a stand alone calendar, displaying the weather, or even a newsfeed right on your desk phone will make you the talk of the office, for sure.

And while the 7-inch capacitive touch screen is plenty big for a desk phone, you will eventually run out of room to feed your Widget addition, but don’t fret! There is a …

Acronyms are everywhere these days. Especially on social media with acronyms like BRB (be right back), LOL (laugh out loud), and DM (direct message). Acronyms can even pop up in the business world with clever terms like MTD (month to date), ETA (estimated time of arrival) and OOO (out of office).

When it comes to the VoIP world, you will see acronyms like DID (direct inward dialing), FXO (foreign exchange office), FXS (foreign exchange station) and more telecommunications terms.

But, knowing what VoIP terms stand for and knowing how they can help businesses and residential customers can be two different things! Luckily, we speak VoIP! In our new series, VoIPisms we are going to be demystifying common VoIP acronyms and terms from A to Z! …

We all know that some work days are busier than others, and when it comes to workers who spend most of their day on the phone, having the advantages of VoIP can be the difference between staying calm and collected, and falling into a rage blackout at your desk.

rage animated GIF

When those busy days happen, it usually means that you are receiving multiple calls at once. The more help you can get from your actual phone, the better  you will be at managing the constant stream of calls coming your way.

For this blog, we are going to use the Grandstream GXP2140 as an example to show how to juggle multiple calls so that you can keep your customers happy, and finish your work day with …

Not everyone is the same. We all prefer different things, and have different ways of doing things, especially when it comes to work!

If you find yourself on the phone most of the day at work, then you probably have a preference of how you like to hear the person on the other line. Some people like to use the handset, if you are in a private office then maybe you prefer the speakerphone, but most of us enjoy using a headset.

cisco-spa504gIf your office phone is a Cisco SPA504G, then you could be in luck! Did you know that this phone allows you to pick where the audio is sent to just by answering a call?

It is actually very simple to do. …

If you are one of many people that work in a call center environment, then you understand the importance and convenience of having a headset to use everyday. Mobility, posture, and freeing up both hands for typing are just a few examples of why having a headset can make life easier while working.

And while we can all relate to the ease of using a headset, it is important to keep in mind how you are being received on the other end of the phone. In some cases, the person on the other line can have a hard time hearing you. What is the reason for that? Your headset might not be resting correctly on your head!

For this blog, we will use the Plantronics

LCD color displays are quickly becoming the norm within the VoIP world. If you have one you probably have noticed, and have been displaying, the stock background your phone uses right out of the box.

While there are more lengthy ways to customize this background on the back end within the WebGUI, there oftentimes can be a fast and easy way to change things up with preloaded selections.

For this example, we will feature the Yealink T46G and show you how you can access a set of backgrounds you can quickly switch to if you need a change of scenery.

Yealink T46G

The first thing you will need to do is access the Main Menu. You can do this by hitting the Soft Key labeled Menu. Once …

Time is very valuable thing to all of us. We are constantly looking for ways to save it, and when it comes to work, anything that saves you time is worth doing!

One thing we all know is that having a VoIP phone at desk increases productivity and makes your life easier. Some VoIP phones are so feature rich, that we sometimes overlook some of the simple things that can speed up even the smallest of tasks.…

If you haven’t heard about Grandstream’s GAC2500 conference phone, then I would highly recommend taking a look, For those of you who have looked into the GAC2500, or better yet, own a GAC2500 then you know that this conference phone is packed with awesome features, and a very easy to use Android based system.…