How to Configure CyberData Intercom Devices with Zoom

September 9, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Configuring CyberData devices with Zoom is easy! Before we start, remember to contact your Zoom account manager and request they enable “Other/Generic” common area phone type. This will allow manual configuration of the CyberData device. 

Once you are ready, simply follow these steps to register your CyberData Speaker as an Intercom/Paging device on Zoom:

  1. Log into Zoom
  2. From the Profile page select the “Phone System Management” section and the ‘Users & Rooms’ subsection.
  3. From the “Users & Rooms” Page navigate to the Common Area Phones tab. 
  4. Press the ‘Add’ Button to create a common area phone to be used by the speaker.
  5. After clicking the Add button a Pop-up will appear that allows common area phone creation.
  6. Set the Display Name of the phone. 
  7. Set the Description to the location of the speaker. 
  8. Adjust the extension number as necessary. 
  9. Set the MAC address of the device. 
  10. Make sure to select Other for the device type.
  11. Click the Save button to create the Phone. 
  12. Once created, the browser will redirect to the newly created extension’s page. 
  13. Click on the Provision button at the bottom of the device’s page.
  14. A popup will appear with manual provisioning information to setup the CyberData Speaker. Keep this popup open. 
  15. Make sure to download all the certificates listed which will be needed for device configuration.

There you have it! You can also set up a paging extension or night ringer extension through the web interface to enable more functionality. To learn more details, download our Zoom Configuration Guide here

Don’t forget to also visit our product pages to learn more about CyberData products!

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