10.  RCA VoIP Phones. Name brands you have come to know and trust in your home have begun to emerge in the VoIP market. RCA VoIP phones for instance, along with Panasonic and AT&T, have begun to offer SIP phones that bring the consumer-friendly look and feel to your office. The most popular model, the RCA IP150, runs on an Android O/S and brings the Smartphone user experience to your desk.


9. Cisco SPA112 and SPA122. So long PAP2T and SPA2102! The new Cisco ATA’s are smaller, sexier, and more robust!


KX-TGP5508. Panasonic KX-TGP550 and KX-TPA50. With the passing of the Aastra CT Phones, the demand for a corded IP deskphone and a cordless DECT satellite handset was more focused …

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3CX Windows-based phone system is quickly becoming one of the most popular IP PBX solutions available today. And why not? You don’t have to buy new hardware, you can run 3CX on just about any Windows machine.  3CX is easily scalable, you buy the license to cover your maximum number of concurrent calls with no recurring licenses to purchase (although upgrade insurance is recommended).
3CX phone system includes all the standard features you have come to expect from an IP PBX… call switching, routing, queing, presence, call waiting, caller ID, transfer, hold, 3 way calling, softphone ability and a fax server. 3CX is managed via a web console, making extension management a point-and-click event. Most importantly, when using 3CX, you can use any standard …

Nobody likes being told that if they want to use “x” phone system they have to use “x” phones.  When a decision maker hears that they have no choice in what phones they use, they seem to want a different type of phone just out of spite. It’s like going to a restaurant and seeing the words “No Substitutions” on the menu…

Luckily, Switchvox by Digium is an open sourced platform with an Asterisk core which allows you to use just about any SIP phone that will work with Asterisk. However, for people who breathe a little easier when their entire solution is single-branded, now Digium offers their own brand of phone that works seemlessly with Switchvox (and any other Asterisk deployment, too, but here …

I am going to blame extreme busyness over the bustling, whirlwind holiday season for me missing the announcement of the ClearOne CHAT USB Headsets. While I can’t pin point the exact drink that caused me to miss it, I have pulled myself together and taken a look at them.

The side of ClearOne that I know best is their USB personal and tabletop conferencing products which is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what they have to offer. The new CHAT USB headsets fall into the same bin as the mentioned products and are a smart move by ClearOne.

3 Headset Groups

These USB headsets are broken into three different classifications by ClearOne:

  • Classic
  • Premium
  • Professional

Before I go into what makes each headset …

Did you know that Panasonic makes SIP Phones? Me neither, until I received a pack of four to demo in our lab at VoIP Supply. If you have been using Grandstream, Yealink, Aastra, or Polycom, you owe yourself a peek at the Panasonic SIP Phone Lineup.

What Makes Panasonic the Same

Just like the others out there, Panasonic offers all the great features you have come to expect in a decent SIP Phone:

  • PoE
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet Ports
  • HD Voice
  • Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Call Waiting
  • BLF
  • Three-Way Conference
  • Integration with other IP-Enabled devices such as intercoms, cameras, and door phones.

The Deskphone Linecard currently has four models available ranging from entry level to management-type. The Panasonic SIP lineup even includes a DECT phone. The Panasonic KX-TGP550

When are fewer choices better?  When you’re in the market for a desktop speakerphone solution for a small to mid-sized conference room and you have no desire to sift through too many choices when you already know you need:Phoenix Audio Duet

  • Powerful features, yet portable design.
  • Handsfree operation with built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Superior audio from advanced echo cancellation and noise suppression technology.

Phoenix Audio’s Duet desktop speakerphones satisfy those needs and eliminate any guesswork with three simple model choices.…

Being a sales professional with VoIP Supply for the past six years I have had the pleasure to use most if not all of the IP phone
model manufactures that we carry.

A few months back I hooked up the Aastra IP 6755I to give it try.  The phone has performed really well. Below are some major benefits of this particular phone and all of the Aastra 67XI series phone family. They have a lot of great choices for all types of users.…

skype for iphoneAs I covered yesterday, the native Skype client for the iPhone was released today.

Being both a Skype and iPhone user I grab the new Skype client this morning. Before making any test calls or messages, I decided to give the Skype client a quick “feature spin.”

Skype for iPhone feature overview

After a quick download from the app store I found that the Skype for iPhone client allows Skype users to:

  • Call other Skype users
  • Call out via SkypeOut
  • Manage your contacts
  • View chats and calling history
  • View and edit your account information

Missing from Skype’s native desktop functionality is:

  • Ability to purchase SkypeOut credit directly
  • SMS messaging
  • Conference calling
  • Voicemail retrieval
  • Video
  • File transfers

There are likely a few others, but those …

For some, fring coming to the iPhone was old news – there has been a version of fring for jailbroke iPhone since the spring. But for many, like me, the announcement of another Mobile VoIP application – from one of the leading Mobile VoIP providers presented another opportunity to test out the Mobile VoIP capabilities of the iPhone. I have been using the fring iPhone application for the last few days on my first generation iPhone to utilize and manage various communications methods on my iPhone. What follows is my insights and impressions on the fring iPhone application.…