Our Favorite Things in VoIP! Part 4

December 20, 2016 by Angela Burgin-Logan

Our Favorite Things in VoIP by VoIP Supply

Part 4 of Our Favorite Things In VoIP is a list curated by someone who knows the ins and outs of VoIP! But, what’s equally important is this value driven VoIP Supply Channel Manager puts customers first. So, this VoIP list is filled with items that will greatly benefit residential customers and businesses of all sizes. Spoiler Alert! You’re going to want everything on VoIP Supply’s Favorite Things List!

Don Stefanie VoIP Supply Channel Manager


VoIP Supply Channel Manager Don Stephanie’s Favorite Things!





What is your favorite VoIP thing?

KX-TGP600 and related add on handsets and a desk phone.


kx-tgp600 VoIP Phone

Why is KX-TGP600 your favorite VoIP Thing?

The cordless space is often the go to way to add small office and warehouse flexibility freedom. By Increasing the number of simultaneous calls(8) from its predecessor(3) and adding multiple end point options (including ruggedized and even a desk phone), this was a nice upgrade and easy transition for customers used to the older 500/550 models.

Must-Have VoIP Item.

For most SMB clients I feel like a quality Hosted Cloud Service provider with mobility option via a mobile app is the “Must-Have” VoIP service these days.

VoIP Supply CloudSpan Marketplace Hosted VoIP

Why Hosted Cloud Service provider is a Must-Have VoIP item?

There’s no better way for your growing company to increase efficiency and customer interaction. It demonstrates that even your SMB is an enterprise-class business when your workforce shows extreme responsiveness- handling calls from anywhere.

WHAT is the VoIP item that you or your customers can’t live without?

Plantronics CS520 and APC-41 Hook Switch Control Adapter

Plantronics CS520 and APC-41 Hook Switch Control Adapter

WHY can’t you or your customers live without Plantronics CS520 and APC-41 Hook Switch Control Adapter?

This wireless headset allows you to stay mobile while you work and is the ultimate way to multi-task while working with your customers or team on your VoIP phone.

You can learn more about these items and order Don’s Favorite Things at VoIP Supply.com!

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