What’s New with Fanvil? (Webinar Recap with Q&A)

August 29, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

Yesterday, our co-hosted webinar with Fanvil was a blast! We received a lot of great questions from our audience and we would like to share them with all of you! 

During the webinar, Tommy Lee from Fanvil introduced Fanvil’s latest IP phones including the X7, X7C, X210 and more. These phones come with a two-year warranty and are equipped with 20 SIP lines and up to 127 DSS keys, integrated Bluetooth and more user-friendly functions! 

Highlighted Fanvil Phone Features:

  • Video Preview – RTSP URL allows you to preview the image of the camera
  • Call Recording – audio can be saved in three ways, including local, network and SIP 
  • SIP Hotspot – one SIP account can ring one Hotspot phone or ring a series of phones
  • FMSD – a Free auto-provisioning system

Click here or below to download the presentation slide deck!

Fanvil New IP Phone Webinar Q&A Session

Q: Can you explain a little more about FDMS? How does it work? What are the benefits?

A: FDMS stands for Fanvil Device Management System. It allows users a way to centrally provision, register, upgrade and monitor their Fanvil devices. Check out the documents below to learn more:

You can download the firmware here.

Q: Does Fanvil’s video phone solution allow for a video to be duplicated on a HDMI display for small conference rooms? 

A: The video output from Fanvil’s video phone is meant to be displayed on that specific phone screen but not for a conference room.

Q: On SIP HotSpot feature, if a call is picked up by one of the phones, can the user put the call on hold, and have another desk phone pick it up?  Similar to the Shared Line Appearance feature.

A: We define phone’s SIP hot spot for a simple, small communication system, which would only need basic call services. We will not develop our phones to be a PBX or server to support more advanced call functions. So the answer is negative: pickup/SLA is not supported, nor do we plan to add such advanced functions.

Q: How do I get a Fanvil demo?

A:  Please contact our VoIP experts directly at 1-800-398-8647 or email [email protected] We will be happy to help!

Q: When a user is using an earpiece and on an active call, will the user hear a “tone” advising him/her that another new call is coming.

A: The call waiting tone will be played when A uses a handset to make calls and talks to B; C calls to A; A would hear some special tone, like “du~~(no sound for 1 second)~~du~~~~” via earpiece. It would not affect A/B’s talk, and B would not hear the tone, either.

Do you have more questions about Fanvil’s IP phones? Contact our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 or [email protected] to get your questions answered today!

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