In these Digium interviews at ITEXPO 2015, VoIP Supply’s CFO Paula Griffo and Product Specialist Jeff Quinn explain what we offer to compliment Asterisk and Switchvox solutions.

Brian Ferguson of Digium talks about more of the Unified Communications solution highlights in his post here, Talking UC at ITEXPO: Watch Digium Live in Miami.

Watch the full video above for these other interviewees that explain their Digium and Asterisk integrations: Continue reading

Cisco UC300 and UC500

The Cisco Unified Communications Series for Small Business, specifically the UC300 and UC500 device series, have reached end-of-life (EoL) status.

Support for these platforms began phasing out on January 1, 2015.

Digium is currently offering a promotion to help you switch from Cisco to a Switchvox UC platform.

For many customers, a Switchvox solution can be purchased for less than the annual cost of a Cisco support contract.

Promotion Details

  • Must be a new Switchvox solution that replaces an existing Cisco UC300 and UC500 solution.
  • This promotion CAN be stacked with other Digium promotions.
  • Work with your VoIP Supply account rep – Devices cannot be purchased online for the same discount.

Eligible Digium Products for Cisco Replacement Promotion

Unified Communications Appliances

  • Switchvox 80
  • Switchvox 310
  • Switchvox 360

VoIP Phones

  • Digium D50
  • Digum D70

Click here for pricing and discount details.

Digium VoIP Phones for Asterisk

Digium Swithvox Mobile App Not Yet Compatible with Apple iOS 8 Software Release
Digium Swithvox Mobile App Not Yet Compatible with Apple iOS 8 Software Release

The news that Apple iOS 8 software is now publicly available is exciting, but try to resist the urge to install the update if you’re a current user of the Switchvox Mobile App.

Digium has announced that their Switchvox app does not yet support iOS 8:

We are working to determine Switchvox Mobile’s compatibility with this new version of the operating system, and cannot guarantee the app will function under iOS 8.

Switchvox Mobile is the free app that allows you to access your Switchvox VoIP network via iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Switchvox iOS 8 Plan

Digium plans on having an updated mobile app available in October 2014 which “will offer much of the feature-set of a Digium desk phone, on your iPhone,” said an announcement from Gayle Magee of Digium.

A new Android Switchvox Mobile app will follow after the Apple iOS 8 version is complete.

Stay up to date with customer issues on Switchvox Today.

Free Switchvox User Training when you buy a Switchvox SMB System or Software
Free Switchvox User Training when you buy a Switchvox SMB System or Software – Promotion Runs Oct. 1 – Dec. 31, 2013


This promotional combo ends on March 31, 2014.

Free Switchvox User Training Details

Now is a great time for small and medium businesses to step into a new Switchvox SMB Unified Communications (UC) solution.

We’re excited to offer free Switchvox User Training, valued at $995, with the purchase of the following Switchvox SMB appliances and software:

If you’re checking out online, it’s simple. Under “Options” just select the Switchvox User Training box to add it to your order at no charge.

Switchvox promo

“The Switchvox User Training is an online, self-paced two hour course that will teach anyone in your business the ins and outs of Switchvox, the Switchvox user web suite and GUI, the Switchboard, and Digium phones,” said Ben Sayers, CEO of VoIP Supply.

Every person in your company can use a single user training login to learn how to use and navigate a new Switchvox VoIP phone system which is more than just an office phone system and offers.

  • VoIP calling, faxing, instant messaging
  • The Switchboard, an interactive communications dashboard for each user
  • 3rd Party Integration with CRM platforms
  • Video, presence, conferencing
  • Detailed reporting

Switchvox system capabilities range from 30 or less users up to 600 users and 150 concurrent calls for a variety of work environments so if you need help deciding what’s best for you, call 800-398-8647 to talk to a live VoIP Expert today.

Newest Digium cards currently not compatible with latest version of Switchvox
Newest Digium cards currently not compatible with latest version of Switchvox

Toward the end of 2013, Digium released new telphony cards.

You’ll want to read Digium’s notice below if you’re a customer who purchased any of the following new devices:

Switchvox Compatibility for New Digium Cards

Here’s the announcement from Digium regarding Switchvox compatibility with their latest cards:

In Q4 of 2013, Digium released new analog and digital interface cards to refresh the current card lineup. These new cards are not currently compatible with the publicly available versions of Switchvox. A new Switchvox update, 5.8.1, will support the cards and is currently in limited release.

If you have already purchased one of the new cards and need access to version 5.8.1, please contact Switchvox support, and they will make the update available to you. You will also need to upgrade to version 5.7.3, then to 5.8, prior to upgrading to 5.8.1. You can not upgrade from a previous version directly to 5.8.1 without upgrading to 5.8 first.

If you have any further questions, please contact Digium Support at 877-DIGIUM1 .

Click here to read more about the Digium TE133 and TE134 cards and click here for more information on the A4, A8, TE235, and TE435 analog and digital cards.

Do you already own a Nokia “E” Series mobile phone, or are you considering purchasing one? The Nokia “E” series phones, although not inexpensive, offer the flexibility of both GSM and WiFi/SIP calling, and can be integrated with most SIP based IP PBX platforms. For the purpose of this article, we chose a Nokia E51 and configured it to leverage any open WiFi connection to register with our Switchvox IP PBX.

These instructions apply to and of the Nokia “E” series dual mode GSM/WiFi mobile phones.

NOTE: The SIP registration instructions below assume you have already setup your WLAN settings on the phone, and will use WiFI to communicate to your SIP server. It is always suggested to have the AP on the same network as the IP PBX and to place a certain level of security.

1. First, power on the Nokia “E” series phone by holding down the power button located on the top of the phone. Continue reading

Switchvox SMB release 4.0 shipped yesterday….we upgraded our SMB plant here last night without any real hiccups. With the release of SMB 4.0, a great IP communications platform just got better in many ways.

1 – Switchvox SMB now supports “Presence” across multiple sites (server instances). This was an issue with our own deployment in the past, and it is great now that you can unify multiple, geographically dispersed Switchvox SMB systems with a “global” Switchboard, showing you the status of all users and allowing you to control calls across multiple sites.

2 – Fax! Switchvox SMB 4.0 now supports outbound fax and fax-to-email. I have not had a chance to test this personally but am looking forward to accidentally knocking our finicky analog fax machine off the desk soon.

3 – More API goodness! Digium/Switchvox are wisely investing dev cycles in their API Call Control, unlocking more and more flexibility and integration abilities.

4 – Jabber/Chat capabilities with Switchboard. Perhaps soon I can ditch Windows Live Messenger and AIM in favor of unified IM/Chat within Switchboard.

5 – More / Better Microsoft Outlook integration!

6 – Improved system diagnostics and schedule reports.

There’s more to love in Switchvox SMB release 4.0 beyond the features I’ve mentioned here. If you are considering Switchvox or have any questions about this product, feel free to contact one of our product specialists at 800.398.8647!