If you want a crash course in entrepreneurship then Startup Weekend Buffalo, running October 4th to the 6th,  is for you.

And if even if you don’t have an idea for a business but you still want to get involved, that’s great too because this event is all-inclusive.  You can use your experience to help someone else’s vision become a reality.

Registration costs $50 per person ($25 for students) with meals included and are available for three types of participants:

  • Developer: Software engineers, coders, developers -anybody who can write code.
  • Designer: Anybody with a  background in design (graphics, UX/UI, etc.).
  • Non-Technical: Business, marketing, PR, and anyone with a non-technical background.

About and Prizes

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Very soon the Microsoft Lync Optimized Polycom CX5100 Unified Conference Station will be available at VoIP Supply.

We’re expecting to see these by the end of September 2013.

Unveiled at the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, the CX5100 is for Microsoft Lync users collaborating with remote teams.

What they’ll get is a unique 360 degree, panoramic video experience that also displays a seamless dual window layout.

The “Roundtable”

The CX5100 was originally called the “Roundtable” because the device is placed in the center of a meeting room table and uses a handful of cameras that stitch together a panoramic view that is displayed in one window while another window displays a zoomed in image of the person who is currently talking.

Polycom uses what they …

Have you ever wondered how Ben Sayers, CEO and owner of VoIP Supply, started the company?

Find out here in Jaime Tardy’s interview at Eventual Millionaire, Step by Step Starting a Business with Benjamin Sayers, plus the strategies and techniques he uses including:

  • Using checklists
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Creating business plans
  • Setting goals

VoIP Supply is now in its 11th year of business and now Ben is starting a new venture. Click the video above to learn more.…

Do you know about Deploy, our nationwide VoIP installation services?

If your business doesn’t want to deal with the nuances (to put it nicely) of installing a new VoIP system, Deploy is a fast and painless way to have somebody (Us!) do it for you.

Custom Fit

Get an on-site analysis by a trained technician who will tour your building, inspect your current network, and give you options on the VoIP hardware that’s best for your application.

Then we’ll install a customized VoIP system for your current needs and, if you choose, one that can be expanded as your business grows.

Purchase Credit

A lot of VoIP deployments fail because the network being used isn’t powerful enough to handle the additional traffic.

The Deploy …