There’s nothing glamorous about keeping a well-oiled machine running smoothly.   But even though there’s nothing sexy about pumping gas into a car or adding an IP paging system to your organization’s network, when that fuel or crucial flow of information runs dry, you’ll wish you were better prepared.

AND IP ClockAdvanced Network Devices (AND) is an IP paging and intercom company (one of the very first) whose heavy emphasis on engineering provides the strong foundation for reliable IP paging systems and their display products will change that boring perception of IP paging devices; adding a little flair to necessary functionality.

Who It’s For

The basic Advanced Network Devices product categories are display, non-display, cost-effective, or outdoor IP paging models that include a range of IP wall speakers, paging clocks, ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers, zone controllers, and IP signage to choose from.  Some models have different enclosures to choose from like vandal proof, weather proof, and ceiling and wall panels.

Applications include:

  • AND IP Speaker_DisplayPublic address
  • Bell scheduling
  • Mass notification
  • Sound masking
  • Information displays
  • Synchronized event staging
  • Integrated streaming of social media and news

AND products come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty period of one year and are a great fit for education, healthcare, retail, hospitality and service industries, government, and corporate applications.  With their versatile features and flexibility, AND products can adapt as your needs change.

Features & Functions

With AND product’s field upgradeable capabilities your one time purchase can always capitalize on the latest updates.

All AND products are Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled eliminating the need for AC outlets and power adapters which will not only decrease your installation time but give you much greater flexibility in where you’d like to install your devices.  It’s also much cheaper to install and extend an Ethernet cable versus installing a power outlet in remote areas.

If you’d simply prefer to converge your existing analog speakers with a VoIP phone system you have the option of using AND Zone Controllers.  Using PoE however, in addition to simplified installations, reduces the reliance on several costly backup batteries during power failures.  Instead, with PoE, a single UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can be used to provide backup power to your entire network.

AND advanced display products provide a synchronized clock display with the capability of streaming RSS, Twitter feeds, and your own custom messages for scrolling news, information, alerts, and alarms.

When employing either the display or non-display products, you have the ability to broadcast sound to both phones and speakers on your network.  Network based IP paging devices allow targeted messaging.  When used in conjunction with paging management software you have the control to send messages (sound/text) to one device, a handful of devices, or all IP paging devices on the network.

Additional  Features

Additional AND features for customized applications include:

  • “Security Guard” Mode:   Monitor live sound in remote rooms.  You’ll hear the disturbance before seeing it, giving you the option to investigate if necessary.
  • Embedded SIP Phone:   AND speakers, with their two-way microphones, can be used just like any other phone on the network, as a SIP extension, or can even be configured to dial out in some circumstances.
  • Scoreboard:  Use your AND display speaker or clock for non-advanced purposes, like VoIP Supply does, for keeping score of ping-ping matches.
  • Clock Chimes: Use your AND product to have clock chimes (of your own, or using theirs) go off on whatever intervals you set up.
  • Timer/Stopwatch: Use the AND display-based models to count up or down.
  • Graphics: Create icons, logos, and graphics (Pixmaps) on the display at scheduled times or on demand.

If you have ambitious goals in mind for your AND products, AND is sometimes willing to release their API to programmers on a case-by-case basis.

IP Paging Management Software

Managing your paging, intercom, and mass notifications with AND IP paging devices is simplified in one of two ways.

AND ClockwiseAND products work with leading 3rd party software such as Informacast, Cisco Call Manager, SA-Announce, and others.   Or, if you have a smaller simpler application of 50 users or less and don’t require phone system integration, your application might be suitable for AND’s own dedicated PC application called ClockWise, which offers bell and text scheduling options.

If you have a larger application and/or require robust phone system integration on your network, you’ll be steered towards using fully interoperable 3rd party software such as Informacast.

Smaller, simpler systems will work nicely with AND’s Clockwise which has a host of features, seen here:

For a list of software partners, click here:

Revolutionary not Evolutionary

The AND IP clock is a great example of their revolutionary IP paging devices.  The IP clock is one of AND’s most requested products because with its combined digital display and speaker it can replace at least four other devices; your clock, intercom system, sound masking system, and signboard.

AND products combine all the traditional features of PA systems, packaged in sleek designs that wouldn’t look out of place even in your home, and add a host of features that leverage IP network capabilities.  AND IP paging products are not your typical intercom solution.  This is modern communication technology for today that’s future proof for your needs tomorrow.



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