You won’t find Polycom’s DECT handsets called KIRK anymore. It might be a little confusing, so here is a blog post to help break it down.

A while ago Polycom let Spectralink loose after acquiring them and their handsets in 2007 which has allowed Spectralink to rebrand their own products again, but otherwise Spectralink kept everything the same.

VoIP Supply already posted about Spectralink 8000 Series, so now take a moment for the KIRK transition to the Spectralink 7000 Series.

Following suit as the Polycom KIRK’s, the Spectralink 7000 Series do not come with a charger or a power supply. You’ll need to purchase both options separately. The correct charger options for each series will be available in the Accessories panel on each handset …

SpectraLink Banner

SpectraLink wireless phones are wildly famous. And why not? Their iconic WiFI and DECT phones offer all kinds of benefits to businesses who need mobility and accessibility across a wide area of operation. SpectraLink hasn’t slowed down with their 84-Series Wireless Telephones.

The 84-Series phones are designed with certain industries in mind: healthcare, manufacturing, retail and hospitality to name a few. You can always rely on the SpectraLink 8440, which comes in a black or a blue handset, to keep corridor mobile workers connected while on the job. Previously, your Spectralink 8440 handset would work with most SIP-based call systems as long as you were connecting the handset to the LAN using a Spectralink VIEW certified access point. If you were tech savvy, you may …

Huawei is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of  telecommunications equipment and VoIP Supply is now carrying several series of their VoIP switches:

  • Huawei S1700 Switches for small office/home office (SOHO) applications
  • Huawei S2700 Switches for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB)

Huawei R&D, Good for You and Me

In the United States alone Huawei has 600 employees dedicated to R&D and every year the company invests 20%, or well over $100 million, of its annual revenue to local R&D.

Additionally, Huawei has deployed 800,000 switches with 36 million ports worldwide.

What that means for you is that you get to take advantage of a company that Fast Company named to their Most Innovative Companies List and next-generation switches that are competitively priced loaded with features …

ADTRAN is a unique company; instead of replacing models, they simply make their existing models better.

ADTRAN’s most recent release is the third generation of the Total Access 900e IP Business Gateways. If you’re not very familiar with ADTRAN, stay tuned; for the people who are familiar with ADTRAN, rest assured all the old Total Access 900e features are still included, and then some.

Adtran TA 900e Series

Total Access 900e IP Business Gateways are known as carrier-class gateways. A traditional service provider such as AT&T or Verizon use TDM switches for their services, and to transform those signals into IP service, you’ll need a gateway with a T1 interface. Here is where ADTRAN comes in. The Total Access line had previously offered a T1 interface, FXS ports, …