In honor of Valentines Day, I’d like to share what VoIP Supply’s CEO, Ben Sayers had to say about employees hooking up at work.

Sayers was recently featured in Barbara Haislip’s Wall Street Journal article, Romance Can Disrupt a Small Firm which explores what bosses need to do to “make sure lovebirds stay professional.”

Love is Tricky – Office or No Office

Haislip talked to small business owners to find out how they manage what could be a tricky situation; co-workers falling into and out of love.

How do you make sure that it doesn’t interfere with business?

What do you do if the relationship takes a bad turn because, “If a romance sours, not only can it poison the mood of the whole office, …

Known for their long lasting, robust, and unique IP cameras, MOBOTIX has been one of the leaders in the IP surveillance market for years. Recently MOBOTIX standardized all their models to 5 MP from 3 MP and their latest leading update has been to their AllroundDual M15, which they utilized one of the dual lens modules with a thermal lens.

MOBOTIX MX-M15D Thermal gif

What is it?


The new MOBOTIX MX-M15D-Thermal is an AllroundDual IP Camera perfect for situations that require a decentralized system in an environment that usually has poor visibility. A thermal camera is preferable when you need to know what is around the perimeter but visibility conditions make it hard to capture clear images on camera. The M15D-Thermal was created to detect hotter than average body …