3CX, Fanvil, and TigerTMS: Secure and Flexible Hospitality Solutions

October 7, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

Our hospitality webinar with our 3CX, Fanvil and TigerTMS partners was a blast! If you missed the webinar, this recap post is your chance to make it up! Let us summarize this webinar with a few key takeaways:

Click here to download TigerTMS Presentation Slides

Click here to download 3CX & Fanvil Presentation Slides

  1. Fanvil & 3CX Solution Spectrum: IP Endpoint and Security

Fanvil provides a whole dedicated hospitality line (H Series) with flexible and reliable hotel solutions and their IP phones are preferred devices for the 3CX communications system! Configuring Fanvil solutions with 3CX’s phone system is as easy as a breeze. 

  • H2U White/Black – speed dial keys and DSS key
  • H3 White/black – Classic Plastic Hotel Template, USB port, H3W has integrated WiFi
  • H5 White/Black – 3.5 inch color display, soft flexible hotel template, thing body design, H5W has integrated WiFi

Fanvil is also going to release the V Series phones that have newly integrated WiFi (2.4GHz & 5GHz), Anti-Bacterial
surface(V67/65), and 6-10 party local conference(V65–V67), and BT 5.0. Stay tuned!

  1. Fanvil Remote Office Solution with 3CX

Making calls, receiving calls, scheduling conferences – you can do all that from your mobile devices or laptop with 3CX smartphone apps and a web app. It’s easy to configure the Fanvil devices and the 3CX software license is free!  

  • Free to get a 3CX software license. 
  • Easy setup. Take only a few minutes to configure your IP Phones. 
  • WiFi connectivity through USB dongle(WF20) 
  • Secure calls with end-to-end encryption. 
  • Smartphone apps and a web app
  1. Who is TigerTMS? What is iLink?

TigerTMS provides indispensable solutions trusted by leading hotel brands. They have achieved huge success in enterprise and hospitality. 

iLink is the central communication hub for the TigerTMS suite of solutions and all best applications used by hotels who offer the ultimate guest experience. iLink has become #1 hospitality service bus worldwide and the Gold Standard for Hospitality Middleware, providing interface connectivity for every leading PMS System, TV System and Guest Services’ solution available in the market.

  • 750+ Hotel Users in the UK (15,000+ worldwide) 
  • More certified interfaces 
  • 30+ Years development experience 
  • Strategic relationships 
  • The de-facto choice: Philips, Samsung 
  • Cloud or On-Premise

See how TigerTMS transform traditional hotel architecture to a distributed hotel architecture and provide benefits including:

  • Save money on interfaces 
  • Reduce on-boarding time 
  • Introduce flexibility & agility
  • Deliver better Guest Service 
  • Optimise the business

Ready to learn more? Call one of our VoIP experts today at 1-800-398-8647!

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