3CX V18 Updates: 6 NEW Features You Should Try Now

February 23, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

We have so much to share with you regarding 3CX V18! If you missed our webinar on Tuesday, don’t miss out on this recap post! 

Click here to download our presentation slides

Let’s take a look at the top 6 NEW features and improvements from 3CX V18:

  1. Microsoft Teams Integration

The 3CX Teams integration is a big opportunity for all 3CX partners! You should leverage off of Microsoft’s existing customer base. Free downloaders can trial 3CX Teams integration (4SC).

Key features:

  • Teams charges up to $53 per user, per month for their telephony! 
  • Give Teams calling to select users, for the rest 3CX. 
  • Teams users can be called by any 3CX user or external party. 
  • And make outbound calls via 3CX SIP trunks
  • Uses Direct Routing (SBC Trunking)
  • Better than connecting directly via a SBC
  1. Improved Security and Reliability

Security is one of the top priorities at 3CX! 3CX is now on the latest Debian Linux 10 and it comes with the latest libraries and technologies, the latest Nginx, OpenSSL support,and more!

  • Out of the box, easy config SRTP support
  • Latest Ciphers for TLS
  •  A+ security status (SSL Labs) & Immunilabs A status
  1.  Voice Engine Improvements

Enjoy the latest SIP library for compatibility and security! 

  • Easy to configure SRTP 
  • IPv6 support for Apps and Console
  1. Messaging & Chats

Chats are more important than ever before and 3CX knows that! They added more Chat functionality including:

  • Forward chats 
  • Mark chats as done (Live Chat)
  • Add / Remove members in chats 
  • Retention policy for chats 
  • Coming up: Interface for handling multiple chats
  1. Video Conferencing 

Webmeeting has gotten a major upgrade! Now Webmeeting is more integrated with 3CX, low bandwidth situations are better managed and better MCUs are added. More improvements include:

  • Greater overall reliability
  • New Android and iOS apps
  • Completely new interface
  1. Top 10 Forum Requests 

3CX completed the top 10 forum requests! More admin features are also added such as normalizing caller ID to e164, IVR improvements, re-organized management console, and so much more!

That’s not all! The updates never end – more are coming soon…

  • Chat rating 
  • Email chat transcript 
  • Source URL of website chat 
  • More reports 
  • Better CRM integration for Chat 
  • Chat “IVR” 
  • Yealink Headset Support

As usual, visit our web pages to learn more about 3CX or simply give us a call today!

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