3CX V18 Updates: Microsoft Teams Integration, Webmeeting Upgrade and More!

September 23, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

Have you checked out 3CX version 18? Don’t miss out on the exciting new features that come with this newest version! In this month’s webinar with 3CX and Snom, we’ve covered the new improvements of 3CX V18 and highlighted some of Snom’s best products this year. Here’s a recap:

Download 3CX presentation slides here

Download Snom presentation slides here 

Out of all the new features 3CX V18 has to offer, there are two key updates you must know about:

#1 Microsoft Teams Integration

The 3CX Teams Integration allows Microsoft Teams users to be called by any 3CX user or external party. It also allows them to make outbound calls via 3CX SIP trunks. 

More highlights include:

  • Teams charges up to $53 per user, per month for their telephony
  • Uses Direct Routing (SBC Trunking) 
  • Better than connecting directly via a SBC

As the number of Microsoft Teams users grows, this new integration has become a big opportunity for 3CX partners! You should leverage:

  • Microsoft’s existing customer base 
  • Free downloaders can trial 3CX Teams Integration (4SC) 
    • More of the hottest leads! 
  • Available in the Enterprise Edition 

#2 Big Upgrade to Webmeeting

3CX’s video conferencing solution, Webmeeting, got a major upgrade! It now manages low bandwidth situations better and comes with more and better Microcontroller Units (MCUs).

Webmeeting is much more reliable now with a completely new interface and new Android and iOS apps. The portal runs on 3CX, and is no longer in the cloud. This will ensure:

  • More data privacy 
  • Easier dial in 
  • Easier to remember URLs

Check out the V18 Video Conferencing Roadmap: 

  • Possibility to configure your own MCU 
  • New codec AV1 
  • BYO MCUs for Video Conferencing 
  • Recurring meetings 
  • Auto-Update of ext status 
  • Group-based meeting rooms

More New Updates of 3CX V18

Better Codec Management

  • Better default codecs for Apps and Webclient 
  • On Wifi, Apps use G711 
  • On Mobile Data Network, Apps use G729 
  • Also: Ability to set system wide default codec for apps

Voice Engine Improvements

  • Latest SIP library for compatibility & security 
  • Easy to configure SRTP 
  • IPv6 support for Apps and Console


  • We are on latest Debian Linux 10 
  • Latest libraries and technologies 
  • Latest Nginx, OpenSSL support 
  • Out of the box, easy config SRTP support 
  • Latest Ciphers for TLS 
  • A+ security status (SSL Labs) & Immunilabs A status

You think that’s all we have for you? Not quite yet…. There are more updates coming soon including:

  • Chat rating 
  • Email chat transcript 
  • Source URL of website chat 
  • More reports 
  • Better CRM integration for Chat 
  • Chat “IVR” 
  • Yealink Headset Support

Visit our website to learn more about the 3CX products! 

Snom’s Latest Offerings & Rebates

Don’t forget to also check out Snom’s latest products and the new trade-in rebate program:

  • Valid on purchases or lease agreements from July 15, 2020 through July, 2022 
  • Minimum of 5 phones and maximum of 200 phones 
  • Valid on qualifying Snom, VTech or competitor phones

See rebate details here:

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