5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase From An Authorized Poly Partner

June 17, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

When it comes to choosing a vendor for Poly products, lower pricing can be tempting, but watch out! Purchasing from an unauthorized seller may put you at serious risk. To help you make a wiser decision when shopping for VoIP online, we want to share with you the reasons why you should purchase from an authorized Poly partner like VoIP Supply.

Why purchase Poly products from an authorized partner?

Reason 1: Be fully covered by Poly’s Manufacturer Warranty

An authorized Poly partner like VoIP Supply fully handles your returns and RMAs. VoIP Supply also offers advance replacement services for any failed hardware component. If our technical support determines that a replacement part is required, the replacement part will be shipped for advance replacement using an expedited carrier service. However, if your product was from an unauthorized source, you will not be able to obtain support or a replacement under warranty.

Reason 2: Take advantage of Poly promotions

Poly provides decent promotions such as rebate incentives from time to time. As an authorized partner of Poly, VoIP Supply is able to help you take full advantage of them and save more. Unfortunately, gray market devices are not eligible for these promotions.

Reason 3: Avoid defect products, missing parts, and outdated software

Some unauthorized sellers sell “unused products” rather than “new products” and these Poly devices can come missing key accessories or components required for your region to ensure the product will work as needed. We have also seen some unauthorized sellers selling products that include software that is no longer supported by Poly and requires updates to prevent network vulnerability.

Reason 4: Enjoy FREE configuration services

An authorized Poly partner like VoIP Supply provides FREE configuration services on devices they provide. If you are using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices, there’s usually a configuration fee because these devices are not passing through the same warehouse for pre-configuration and thus the workload is much greater.

Reason 5: Get Full Support and Assistance

Authorized Poly partners have the necessary qualifications and training and have access to Poly resources, sales, and technical personnel to offer you full support and assistance. For BYOD devices, however, there’s no guaranteed troubleshooting and support.

Not sure if your vendor is an authorized Poly partner or not? Click here to see the list of unauthorized sources or simply purchase through VoIP Supply at www.voipsupply.com