6 Questions (with tips to solve!) to ask when implementing your IP paging system

June 24, 2016 by Jeff Quinn

Integrating a paging system with your VoIP phone system can be a daunting task. Here at VoIP Supply we have helped many customers through the process from start to finish. Here are 6 questions you’ll want to answer prior to your deployment.

1. Did you consider using an existing analog paging system? There are options to integrate your VoIP phone system to an existing analog paging system. You do not get the full feature set of a complete IP system but it is a great way to start and see the benefits first hand.

Check out the snom PA-1 to easily connect analog paging systems your VoIP system.

2. What is the main reason you will be needing a paging system? Intercom paging, bell ringing, emergency announcements, IP clocks, message boards? Most people don’t even realize all the benefits you can gain from an IP paging system. Depending on your existing infrastructure and reasons for deployment you may want to take advantage of message boards and synchronized clocks.

3. Will your new IP Paging equipment be compatible with any existing equipment? Compatibility between the two parts allows for an easy and smooth integration. This will be a benefit during implementation and throughout the life cycle of the phone system.

IP Paging for schools

4. Will you be deploying the system in a loud environment? You want to make sure everyone can hear your announcements. Most of the IP horns have the ability to reach the length of a football field. Incoming phone calls can ring through IP paging devices to allow users to hear virtually anywhere.

5. How would you like the products to be mounted? Within a single deployment you will generally have speakers and horns mounted different ways. Some of the mounting options include:


  • Rectangle drop-in speakers
  • False drop ceiling mounts
  • Wall mounts

6. Will you be needing any outdoor devices? Certain products can only handle certain weather conditions. Depending on the weather your region gets we want to make sure the equipment can handle it. The advantages to having horns outside can be endless

Now these questions are just a start and hopefully will get the ball rolling for you. I’m guessing it may have stirred up some questions regarding specific interests you may have with your deployment.


  • francis

    hi , I have PBX ,IP Phones and IP speakers
    everything working fine , but I can’t make paging with IP Speakers (paging with phone is fine)
    please help me have any config

    thank you

    • Hi!

      What model of IP speakers are you trying to set up? So we can better assist you.

      Thank you,

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