6 Surprising VoIP Product Features You Didn’t Know

September 29, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

There are so many VoIP products on the market and many cool features and designs are being unnoticed! To help you discover them and make the best use of your VoIP devices, our team started a Did You Know Series to highlight some of the unique features you may be interested in. Let’s see if you know them all!

  1. Fanvil’s X7A runs on Android 9.0 and allows you to use the Android apps that you and your employees are already familiar with! This high-end Android device brings HD Voice, built-in Bluetooth and WiFi and the ease of a touch-screen display.
  2. Users can configure WP820’s multi-function button to SAFE/Panic Call! Once activated, users can press and hold the key to trigger Panic Call! The multi-function button can also be configured for many other functions. Read our blog to learn more!
  3. Snom’s M85 Ruggedized DECT Handset can be used to send and receive alarms! The M85 sends different alarms in the event of an emergency and the alarms can be triggered manually or automatically!
  4. Konftel’s CAM20 automatically adjusts to achieve a good picture in different light conditions, even challenging ones such as low light, direct sunlight and high contrast!
  5. Algo’s 8186 SIP Horn Speaker can be prompted by any normally open/closed switch! Algo offers the 1202 Call button and the 1203 Call Switch with supervision. Via supervision settings, notification actions can also be triggered if the input switch is disconnected. Learn more here!
  6. Konftel’s CC200 video conferencing camera splits the screen into two parts to display Android applications in meetings! The CC200 can accommodate up to 6 participants with a 4K camera sensor and 5x digital zoom.

Did you discover other cool features? We would love to hear from you!  

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