8 Plantronics Manager Pro Features: Manage Your VoIP Headset with Ease!

February 19, 2018 by Ying-Hui Chen


VoIP headsets may be something that a lot of VoIP users barely notice until they are not working optimally; when they are affecting your productivity! With Plantronics Manager Pro, you are always ahead of the issues. Let’s check out some important features of the Manager Pro you should definitely take advantage of:

1. Empowering Productivity

Plantronics CS520 and APC-41 Hook Switch Control AdapterPlantronics Manager Pro provides easy-to-use tools for IT managers to configure settings and update firmware for end users all from the Cloud. Proactively manage the performance of every Plantronics VoIP headset across the enterprise. That means uninterrupted productivity for end users.

2. Smarter Monitoring and Management

Plantronics Manager Pro offers a powerful web-based solution to configure settings and update audio device software and firmware. The cloud-based architecture offers predictive reporting tools to provide new insights into your communications environment.

3. Seamless Rollouts and Easy Adoption

Combined with Plantronics Hub, you can configure devices to be truly plug-and-play. Plantronics Manager Pro also creates reports on where and how VoIP headsets are being used, letting IT reach out to users who need additional assistance. The insights you will gain include asset analysis, usage analysis, conversion analysis, and acoustic analysis.

4. Streamline Settings and UpdatesPlantronics CS540 Headset

Policy-based management ensures that the user experience with each audio device is exactly within the parameters set by IT. Simply manage your device settings, firmware versions, and company regulatory compliance from the easy-to-read dashboard. You can apply these parameters companywide or to a specific user group.

5. Regulations and Compliance

Plantronics Manager Pro helps you keep up with industry regulations, governing communication devices. It allows your IT team to monitor acoustic protection features, set daily noise exposure levels, and lock those settings in all IP phone headsets.

6. Simplified Deployment

Plantronics Manager Pro integrates seamlessly with Plantronics Hub to provide consistent and easy configuration for each and every VoIP phone headset. Plantronics also provides pre-configured MSI installation packages to automatically connect the Plantronics Hub client to a tenant.

7. Worry-Free Permissions

Reduce IT backlog with the customizable permission! This gives you access to critical audio device settings or firmware deployments. You will also be able to give specific groups, such as customer service teams, access to information they need.

See Datasheet and Supported Devices

If you are interested in learning how you can use the manager pro in your business to improve the quality of service, or if you are interested in a trial, give us a call at 1-800-398-8647 today!
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