Aastra 57i Named Best IP Phone for Asterisk?

December 15, 2008 by Garrett Smith

No, this isn’t an official award that I picked up on from some press release. This award comes from an actual user – none other then Nerd Vittles Asterisk Jedi, Ward Mundy.

If you are not familiar with Ward and his site Nerd Vittles, then you should definitely check it out, especially if you are working with or in the open source space.

Is the Aastra 6757i really the best IP Phone for Asterisk? It is tough to say for certain (hey, I haven’t used every IP Phone with Asterisk), but having used the Aastra 57i, I can say that it is near the top of the heap when it comes to ease of configuration and use with Asterisk (or an Asterisk based VoIP phone system).

Interested in learning more? Read more about what Ward has to say about the 57i here.


  • And to go with the Best IP Phone, today we introduce what just may be The PerfectPBX…


  • Garrett Smith


    That is quite the name for a PBX…

  • Tony

    I am disappointed that the many standard pbx features is in the handset rather than the asterisk server. Asterisk ought to be orchestrating and telling the dumb terminals (the handsets) what the situation is office wide.

  • Tony

    ith all the voip possibilities, that handset is key and digium ought to be going for handset sales as their economic model and that means all standard pbx features available only with their pty handsets while asterisk being free and open source.

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