So far 2014 has been a busy year for Aastra. In late January their acquisition by Mitel was completed and then in March they released the Aastra 6800i series of VoIP phones, which marked the first new line of desktop VoIP phones from them in quite some time. Now after a few quiet months some more changes were announced last week with the discontinuing of 3 phone models due to issues sourcing components.

Aastra 6700i

The Aastra 6757i, 6755i and 6753i were the cornerstone of Aastra and some of their most popular VoIP phones for close to a decade and with the utmost respect for these phones, I believe their time had come.

While them being put out to pasture may have been accelerated by the components issues (chipset) between the acquisition by Mitel and the release of the 6800i series phones I personally think it was a matter of when not if it was going to happen.

Again, I don’t mean this as a knock on the phones. I am fully confident that they will continue to serve their current users extremely well and would have continued to sell extremely well for Aastra; but, strictly from a line card perspective Aastra already had newer models out that not only supported newer, better, or more features but are also cheaper.

To help with the transition to alternative Aastra VoIP phone model we’ve pulled together some quick reference sheets that compare the discontinued models to those currently available from Aastra.

VoIP Supply Aastra 6753i Comparison Sheet

VoIP Supply Aastra 6755i Comparison Sheet

VoIP Supply Aastra 6757i Comparison Sheet



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