All I want for Christmas is a 7961G EnviroXtreme Rugged IP Phone from Coleman Technologies

November 17, 2008 by Garrett Smith

Just decided what I want for Christmas this year.

The 7961G/62G EnviroXtreme is a hardened, ruggedized IP phone designed created by CTI that provides all the functionality of Cisco’s 7960 IP handsets. The EnviroXtreme has been tested to a variety of MIL-STD 810F and MIL-STD 461E standards and can withstand harsh, extreme conditions including excessive temperatures, moisture, shock, vibration, and abuse.


  • Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet product isn’t it?


  • presanth

    I am looking for ruggedized ip phones for a mine. Please let me know the above models are available and the price. (quantity 20)

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