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Ben Sayers is the former founder and CEO of VoIP Supply. Additional content can be found on my personal blog as well at Comments are most welcome.

A Couple of Updates From the Customer Experience Front

October 30, 2008
As most of you who are reading this already know, a little less than two month's ago we underwent a major upgrade of our ecommerce ... READ MORE

A Good Manager:

May 27, 2008
To preface this, the intended audience may or may not be in the VoIP industry, they may work for VoIP Supply or somewhere else, they ... READ MORE

Good Ideas Lost

May 19, 2008
As with many of my blog entries, the intended audience is just as much my staff as anyone working elsewhere and is not necessarily focused ... READ MORE

What Defines Success?

May 12, 2008
What’s your definition of success? Everyone defines success differently. How about you? Particularly as a business owner and entrepreneur, this topic comes up quite frequently. The ... READ MORE

VoIP Supply: Creating Memorable E-commerce Experiences

May 5, 2008
Based on current research, VoIP Supply represents 50 percent of online VoIP hardware sales with more than a dozen competitors making up the other 50 ... READ MORE

Speaking Up

April 28, 2008
The executives and managers at VoIP Supply all have and advertise an open door policy to our employees. Remarkably many staff do not take advantage ... READ MORE

Customer Service Initiatives 2008 – Part One of Many

April 21, 2008
Our customers are our most valuable asset, and are a group of people that we strive to impress all day, every day. With more than ... READ MORE

VoIP Supply Wins ‘Best Place to Work’

April 9, 2008
Yesterday VoIP Supply was awarded the Best Place to Work in Western New York (for companies with 51-100 employees). This is a tremendous honor and a ... READ MORE

The Exit Interview and Beyond

April 7, 2008
Always an interesting component of the CEO's role is the summarization of one’s employment at the time of departure. These are usually quite different when ... READ MORE

WTFM – Write the Fantastic Manual

March 26, 2008
Previously I have written about the value of reading the manual early on in your exploration and use of a new application, toy, tool or ... READ MORE
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