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Hi, I'm Stuart Smith, VoIP Cloud Services Consultant at VoIP Supply. With a passion for VoIP, I bring over 30 years of experience in sales and sales management in the telecommunications industry. I am here to help our valued end user customers take advantage of VoIP Supply's strong relationships with multiple Hosted VoIP providers to help them get what they want, in the most economical way! I also work with our Valued Added Reseller/IT Companies & Managed Service Providers to give them a great experience when they are looking at Hosted VoIP for their customers. Over my lengthy sales career, I have worked with Telecom Interconnects, Technology Distributors, VAR's, IT & Security Integrators, and End Users to help them evaluate, add new technologies, and get them up to speed with that technology. I have also hired, trained and managed sales teams and understand the challenges that many companies go through, to build productive and responsive sales teams.

When Do You Need to Look at a Hosted VoIP Phone System

July 21, 2017
We work with a number of customers who are beginning to explore Hosted VoIP phone service. There are many benefits to having your phone system ... READ MORE